b'AcademicsHyFlex LearningIn the spring of 2020, NCCC announced the introduction of HyFlex learning. These courses provide students the highest level of flexibility, allowing them to choose between a variety of delivery modes.Students can attend in-person on campus, attend class virtually, in real-time through Zoom, or complete the coursework 100% asynchronously online.Those enrolled in HyFlex can choose their preference and change the mode on how they attend from one class meeting to the next as needed.Attendance is documented by attending class in-person or virtually in real-time with zoom or if a student chooses to complete the course asynchronously online it is Spanish Instructor Bridget Beilein teaches to students in a classroomdocumented by the course work completed while virtually engaging with students online and submitted.SUNY PathwaysScholars AwardsFifty students at NCCC received SUNY Pathways Scholars Awards as part of the SUNY initiative to assist high-performing students committed to completing their Associates degree within two years and Bachelors degree within four years.These students received a $250 stipend in the fall semester and will receive another $250 stipend after completion of the spring semester at NCCC. Pathways Scholars will receive an additional $1,000 stipend upon completion of their Associates degree and enrollment in a SUNY Bachelors degree program.2020-2021 Annual Report 9'