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Jason J. Cafarella

Financial Secretary

Appointed 2015 / Current term expires 2020

Jason J. Cafarella is an attorney in private practice in Niagara Falls, New York, specializing in family and real estate law, as well as serving as primary counsel for the Niagara Falls Housing Authority and as a prosecutor for the Town of Niagara. He also serves on the Attorney for the Child panel and represents children in Custody and Neglect cases. In addition, Jason is a full-time Fire Captain and has been employed with the Niagara Falls Fire Department since 2004. He is also the Union President for Niagara Falls Fire Officers Local 3359.

In 2007, Jason was elected to the Niagara County Legislature and served through 2011. He also served terms as Union President and Vice-President of the Niagara Falls Firefighters Local 714 while a firefighter.

A lifelong resident of Niagara Falls, Jason is an alumnus of Niagara County Community College, graduating in 1998. Jason went on to complete his education and earn his Juris Doctor from SUNY at Buffalo Law School in 2005.

He continues to reside in Niagara Falls with his wife and two sons.