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About Us

Jacob Tipton

Student Trustee

Appointed 2022 / Current term expires 2023

A resident of Grand Island, Jacob Tipton was recently elected as the Student Trustee of the NCCC Board of Trustees.  He is in his 3rd Semester at NCCC, working towards a major in Civil Engineering.

Jacob has been a part of the Student Government Association since August 2021.  He not only is a Student Trustee, but he also serves as a Student Ambassador for the Admissions Office.

Words of advice from Jacob, “Do what makes you happy, because at the end of the day you only have to answer to yourself.” As the newly elected Student Trustee I will strive to do my best and to exceed expectations in doing what is best for the students of NCCC.

After NCCC, Jacob plans to transfer to the University at Buffalo, and eventually become a contractor and explore the Real-Estate field.