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John R. Oishei Child Development Center

Tuition Rates

Infant Classrooms

Income Level1/2 DayFull DayWeekly
$0 - $30,00065.0075.00360.00
$30,000 +70.0080.00385.00

Toddler Classrooms

Income Level1/2 DayFull DayWeekly
$0 - $30,00060.0070.00335.00
$30,000 +65.0075.00360.00

Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Income Level1/2 DayFull DayWeekly
$0 - $30,00055.0065.00310.00
$30,000 +60.0070.00335.00

School-Age Classrooms 5yrs-12yrs

Income Level1/2 DayFull Day
$0 - $30,00045.0055.00
$30,000 +50.0060.00

Registration Fee: The registration fee is $60 for school year or $35 per semester. Summer is an additional $25 if needed.
We require a copy of the child(s) parents/guardians W-2 or 4 weeks’ worth of paystubs for billing purposes.
Anything less than 4 hours is considered a half-day. 4 hours or more is considered a full day.
10% discount on each additional child for Private Pay Families. Grant participants are not eligible for this discount.
2 Day minimum for all Grant participants.
Fee Schedule subject to change upon written notice prior to the commencement of a new semester.
All fees must be approved by the Vice President of Student Services and the SUNY Niagara Board of Trustees.

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Call Michelle Leffler at 716-614-6245.


Christine Duquin
Director of Child Development Center
Phone: 716-614-6245
Location: D-118
Regular Hours: Mon-Thur, 7:45am – 5:00pm | Fri, 7:45am – 4:00pm (August-May)
Summer Hours: Mon-Thur, 7:45am – 4:00pm (May-August)