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School Closings and Cancellations

School Closings and Cancellations

In the event SUNY Niagara is required to close, the announcement will be made using SUNY Niagara Emergency Texting System (Everbridge) and over the following TV and radio stations:

TV stations 2(WGRZ), 4(WIVB), and 7(WKBW) are recommended stations for closing information since they have agreed to provide the most specific information.

The following radio stations will also provide closing information, but it will be a general message:

AM Stations: WGR (550), WBEN (930), WNED (970), WLVL (1340), and WKBW (1520).

FM Stations: WBUF (92.9), WBLK (93.7), WJYE (96.1), WKSE (98.5), WTSS (102.5), and WYRK (106.5).

College Closings

  • Only designated essential personnel, unless otherwise directed not to report, are required to report. All classes, activities, and support operations will cease.
  • The closing will be reported on TV and radio as “College Closed” and may affect all campuses or specific sites only.
  • This also applies to non-College organizations that operate on the campus with the exception of support for the Student Housing Village.

It is the responsibility of each employee to listen to the radio or TV in the event of potential inclement weather that may result in the College closing and to be aware of, and verify with a second source, (i.e., designated TV, radio stations, and/or the College’s website) the College’s status relative to being open or closed.