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Susan Geissler ’74

NCCC Distinguished Alumni and nationally acclaimed artist Susan Geissler has given back to NCCC yet again! She recently donated a beautiful piece of artwork known as the “Puddle Jumper”. The figure is based on childhood memories of Susan and her siblings testing out their new raingear. It will be featured inside the new NCCC Learning Commons near the Child Development Center.

In 2013, Susan created her first piece for NCCC known as “The Founders” currently featured inside the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute. The sculpture includes Dr. Ernest Notar, NCCC’s first president, and Norman Sinclair, one of the founding members of the NCCC Foundation Board. As the first President of NCCC, Dr. Ernest Notar set the tone for growth. Dr. Notar’s passion allowed the College to expand from 343 students in 1963 to more than 5,000 who currently take advantage of the 60+ programs of study on campus today. Similarly, Norman Sinclair brought the same dedication to the NCCC Foundation Board of Directors.

As a founding member of the Foundation board, Norm dedicated more than 24 years of service to NCCC. His tireless fundraising efforts and determination to make NCCC an exceptional institution of higher education are unparalleled.

Susan began her art career in 1984 after schooling in Fine Arts, and working as an anatomical illustrator, graphic designer, and art history researcher. Between 1984-1989, Susan’s work was seen and enjoyed by millions of people at top outdoor art events around the United States. Currently, she confines the showing of her artwork primarily to galleries, plus occasional commercial events and print advertising. The scores of commissions, awards and prizes accorded her work have contributed to her growing reputation, and have stamped her as one of the premier designers of human figures in the United States.

Known locally, Susan is easily recognizable for her Freedom Crossing Monument located in Lewiston, NY. This piece is a life size artistic representation of the Underground Railroad Station Master, Josiah Tryon and others. Although Geissler’s sculptures are displayed nationally, this was her first local public sculpture. It was unveiled in October 2009, on the bank of the Lower Niagara River in Lewiston, the actual site where hundreds of slaves made their last stop on their escape before crossing the river to freedom in Canada.

In addition, she has been commissioned by collectors such as the CEO of Worth Magazine and her work has been exhibited in places such as the Disney World Gallery in Orlando and the George Bush Presidential Library.