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Dan House ’09

William Shakespeare once wrote, “The wheel is come full circle” and for NCCC Adjunct Professor Dan House, it has done just that. Dan is the 2018 recipient of SUNY’s prestigious Chancellor Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. He felt humbled that his students would recognize his efforts to help them learn and grow academically, especially since he was once in their shoes.

“After high school, I attended NCCC because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to study. Many of my instructors at NCCC encouraged me to go into Mathematics since I was already tutoring my fellow classmates in it. While tutoring at NCCC, I realized how much I enjoyed helping them understand the elegance of math, so I thought teaching it would be a great choice,” said Dan.

Dan graduated from NCCC in 2009 his with Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts & Science: Mathematics & Science. He continued on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University at Buffalo and his Master’s from Buffalo State College in Mathematics in Education. During that time, he began working at NCCC as a Technical Assistant and eventually began teaching at NCCC in 2012.

“When I found out I had received this award, what it signifies, and that my students nominated me – I was completely taken aback and shocked. I hope that my students continue to learn more about what intrigues them academically and continue to grow intellectually so they can become superior students.”

When asked what advice Dan had for his students, he had this to say:

“Always talk to your instructor. I tell my students to come ask me for help any time so that I can work with them as a tutor on their assignments.

Once a student guided on the right path by his NCCC Professors, Dan now leads his students down that same path to help them achieve their goals.