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Pam Kilmer ’11, ’18

A Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from the University of Alabama…

A Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in reading from SUNY Buffalo State…

A mother of two…

A teacher for 37 years…

But alumna Pam Kilmer knew that she wanted to achieve so much more.

Pam Kilmer and Laurie Ryan

Described by some of her professors as a “natural leader” and “one of the most driven and focused students that [they’ve] had in the classroom in years”, Pam decided that she wanted to continue her education on a new path at NCCC.

“My husband unfortunately passed away 15 years ago and I started to receive Veteran’s benefits in 2008,” said Pam. “The one thing that I always said I would do if I received the benefits is go back to school. I thought about a Ph.D., but was very interested in event planning and knew that NCCC had a great program. I took the required courses and received my Event Planning Certificate in 2011. It really was one of the best college experiences I’ve ever had.”

After earning her certificate, Pam decided that she wanted to help fundraise for different non-profit organizations. “I was all excited to start fundraising for these organizations even though I didn’t get paid for anything, it was such a rewarding experience,” she said. “The main non-profit that I worked for was called HART or Home Assistance Referral Team and this helps keep elderly people in their homes so they don’t have to live in a nursing home. Since they are funded through donations, I would plan and host dinners and other events to help raise money for the organization.”

This was not the first time that Pam had given back to a non-profit organization. “I started volunteering for the NCCC Foundation Scholarship Gala in 2009 when my professor Sue Siegmann asked our class if anyone would be interested in helping at the event. I’ve been volunteering for 9 years now and every year I think the Foundation Staff and Culinary students do incredible work; it’s just a beautiful event that does a wonderful job raising money for student scholarships at NCCC.”

On the verge of retiring, Pam decided that wasn’t going to slow her down. “I was too young to stay at home so I decided to finish my Business Administration degree at NCCC. While there, I joined Phi Theta Kappa, the Honors Club, and Alpha Gamma Beta. My Business professors really helped set me on the right path and gave me great ideas on how to be successful.” Pam graduated with her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration in May 2018 and has begun working as a Business Manager in the Village of Lewiston.

“I am a humble person and believe in working hard and staying focused,” said Pam. “NCCC gives you a solid base to explore new programs and determine what you want to do with your life at any age.”

“Pam is an outstanding example of a lifelong learner,” according to her previous professor and current Director of Public Relations at NCCC Barb DeSimone. “She sets a high standard for all of those around her and continues to strive for excellence”, said Laurie Ryan, NCCC Business Professor.

Pam had these final words to offer to incoming students at NCCC:

“NCCC offers students a purpose and they need to take advantage of the opportunities provided to them here. Get involved, make changes, start a club or a business – those ideas that you’re passionate about will help you get on the right track. NCCC is a smart foundational school that can really help you expand on your future goals.”