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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Event Status

Reservation Status

At this time, event and facility reservations are being accepted. However, the events management team will be thoroughly reviewing each request to assess if the College can host it or not due to logistical and room capacities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are not currently booking dance recitals, performances, athletic tournaments, weddings, receptions, or parties. Room capacities are limited to 8-10 people in classrooms (depending on the room) and up to 30 people in the E- and C-Building lecture halls. Lecture hall B-114 can host up to 40 people. This is the largest space available.

Precautions to Keep You Safe

Thorough disinfecting is taking place in-between room usages. Please note, this is another constraint on reservations as cleaning times are built into the reservation request. Guests will not be charged for this extra time, however, their requests may have to be revised due to room availability when cleaning.

In addition to strict cleaning guidelines, NCCC also has a mandatory face mask, social distancing, and pre-screening requirement.

Room capacity has been greatly reduced to ensure social distancing. Some rooms, including computer labs, are now equipped with plexiglass to encapsulate student work areas and ensure a safe learning environment.

Guest Screening

If you are not an employee or a student of NCCC, you are considered a visitor. You can expedite your check-in process at the screening stations by submitting your screening survey online at: The form must be completed the day of the event, yet prior to your check-in at both the Sanborn and NFCI campuses. Upon completing the form, a confirmation page will display a visitor ID. This ID will need to be provided to the COVID screener upon entering the building. The screener will review the submitted answers and will then grant or deny entry depending on the answers provided.

Visitors can also print off the COVID-19 screening questions in a Word document, fill it out, and give it to a screener when they arrive. The screening questions document can be found here.

For More Information…

Please follow us on social media and refer to this page to stay up-to-date regarding activity at both NCCC campuses. You may also contact Denyel Beiter, the event coordinator at to discuss your reservations.

Denyel Beiter
Event Coordinator