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Accessibility Services

About Us

Accessibility Services (AS) staff work to assist all qualified students with disabilities at NCCC in the pursuit of their educational objectives.  Our goal is to support and empower you in your quest to become your own self-advocate.

The mission of Accessibility Services at NCCC is to provide reasonable academic adjustments and related services to qualified students with disabilities in the most inclusive setting possible and to enhance student independence while promoting self-advocacy in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the American with Disabilities Amendments Act.

Accessibility Services is a National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) voter registration site.  Please go to our voter registration page ( for more information or to register to vote.

Request Services

Schedule A Test

The AS Office utilizes an electronic form for students to reserve a seat in the Testing Center. We request students complete a form 3 business days before a test.

Sanborn Campus TestNFCI Campus Test

Schedule an Appointment

Accessibility Services offers online scheduling of appointments. You can call 716-614-6728 to schedule an appointment with Lynn.

Contact Information

Testing Center & Accessibility Services
Phone: 716-614-6728
Fax: 716-614-6819
Location: A-167

S. Lynn Lytle

S. Lynn Lytle

Accessibility Services Coordinator

Room A-167

Sabrina Faso

Sabrina Faso

Interim Accommodated Testing & Adaptive Technology Specialist

Room A-167

Headshot of Caitlin Wetherwax

Caitlin M. Wetherwax

(On Leave) Accessibility Services Coordinator

Room A-168