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Accessibility Services

Pregnancy & Parenting Accommodations

Students who are expecting a child or nursing and are seeking accommodations, should contact the Office of Accessibility Services. To request services/accommodations:

  1. Complete your request for services intake form AND
  2. Schedule a meeting to discuss potential accommodations.

Accommodations will vary on the individual students’ needs and possibly complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Examples of accommodations may include: 

  • A larger desk/ chair
  • Access to a lactation room
  • Breaks during class, as needed
  • Leave for delivery of child
  • Course policy adjustments, such as modified attendance, flexibility in assignment submission, and making up work and/or exams (to the extent reasonable, and in conjunction with the course instructor and program standards)

Lactation Space

Nursing students have the right to reasonable breaks to express breast milk as well as a private, convenient, and secure place to do so. NCCC provides a lactation room to help support nursing parents.

Centrally located on the first floor the Learning Commons in room D-116 near Tim Horton’s and an All Gender bathroom, this room is equipped with a rocking chair, sink, table, fridge and outlets. The room can be locked from the inside and has a vacant/occupied sign on the door.

If the location that is listed above is not convenient, or you need a location identified at an off-campus site, Accessibility Services will also work with students to find appropriate space.

Reporting Sex Discrimination

If you are pregnant or parenting and believe you have experienced sex discrimination, please contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator:

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students & Athletics
Robert M. McKeown
Asst. Vice President of Student Services and Campus Engagement
Phone: 716-614-6201
Location: A-266


Accessibility Services
Phone: 716-614-6728
Fax: 716-614-6819
Location: A-167