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Career & Transfer Services

What Can I Do With My Major?

What Can I Do With My Major?

This tool will help you explore career options and strategies related to academic programs. When viewing a major/area of study, you can see typical career areas, types of jobs and employers, and strategies to prepare yourself for those career paths. Continue your research through the websites provided in the Links section.

Use this tool if you are:

  • Exploring majors or programs of study
  • Set on a major but unsure about your career options
  • Looking for information about how to tailor your college experience to your desired career

Important Note:

The career areas provided are representative of typical career paths associated with the major/area of study. It is not a comprehensive list of all careers you could potentially pursue. It is also important to understand that your degree alone will not fully qualify you for many of these careers, some of which may require additional education, certifications, or specialized experiences. Review the strategies section below the career area for information.

When you click the button below to proceed to What Can I Do With This Major, you will be redirected to an external site. Therefore, the list of majors/areas of study you will see may differ from what is available at SUNY Niagara. Some of the listed majors are not offered at SUNY Niagara, and some are offered as minors, certificates, or pre-majors rather than as full majors or degrees.  You can view all academic programs offered at SUNY Niagara here.

If you are unsure where to find information for your major or area of study in What Can I Do With This Major?, contact Career and Transfer Services at 716-614-6268.


Kate Murphy
Career and Transfer Services Coordinator
Phone: 716-614-6268
Location: D-102D