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Email Migration to Microsoft 365 Cloud (M365) to provide remote access for Staff and Faculty

As part of the migration to our new email system in the Microsoft 365 Cloud (M365).

key points are as follows:

  • Email address and password are not changing.
  • The cutover to this new system will be on Thursday, February 1 at 4pm.
  • After the cutover, new emails will be delivered to and sent from your M365 mailbox, and historical emails will be temporarily unavailable. This may take up to two weeks.
  • Over the next few days your historical emails will be migrated to the M365 system.
    • Initial historical email migrations will be prioritized for teaching faculty.
    • Other historical emails will be migrated accordingly after this primary group
  • Once on the M365 email system users will have on-campus and off-campus access to email. As an example, faculty and staff will be able to access their email accounts via cell phone.
  • Student email accounts are not impacted by this migration. These services are already cloud based.
  • HELP Desk phone number is 716-614-6730, the hours of operation will be 8am to 6pm M-F and additional hours on Saturday Feb 3 from 9am to 1pm. Voice mail from the help desk line will be returned in order within 24 hours.

Instructions for remote access:

On the college website, go to the MYSUNY Niagara menu on the upper right and select “Faculty/Staff Email”

This will take you to M365 Outlook,  You will be prompted to login with your full campus email, password and multi-factor authentication (MFA) credentials.

You can also add access to your personal Apple or Android device by downloading the Outlook M365 app from the appropriate app store. Once downloaded you will be prompted to login with your full campus email, password and MFA credentials.

For on campus access user the current Outlook icon on the desktop will bring users to the new M365 platform.


Jesse Goldberg