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Welcome to the Family


on your family member’s acceptance
to Niagara County Community College!

We understand the important role that families play in the success of our students, so as they become members of our community, so do you. NCCC welcomes you and appreciates the value you bring to our campus!

To ensure the success and safety of our students, we enjoy working with families to make sure that the needs of every student are met. Please use this page to familiarize yourself with everything that NCCC has to offer!

Below are links to help answer some of the many questions you may experience as a family member. We hope you will find this useful during your family member’s time here at NCCC!

Students in courtyard

FAQ and Important Information


Confidentiality of Student Records/Privacy Rights (FERPA):
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords eligible students certain rights with respect to their education records.  Please see the Parent Guide to FERPA for more information.

Title IX:
Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in all educational programs and activities

Student Code of Conduct

Academic and Finances

Where is the College Catalog?
Search course descriptions and look at the wide variety of programs offered

What courses are offered at NCCC?

Tell me all about academic support services

How does a student learn more about Financial Aid?

What scholarships are available?

Tell me more about the Excelsior Scholarship

How much is tuition? Are there additional fees?

Is there a payment plan available?

How can the IRS form 1098-T be accessed?

What is the refund schedule if a student needs to withdraw from a course?

How can a student change their major?

Are Advanced Placement classes accepted?

Can a student take college courses while still enrolled in high school?

How does a student obtain an enrollment or degree verification?

How does a new student get registered for their first semester?

How does a current student get advised and registered?

How can I access my family member’s grades and academic records?
Discover how a student can authorize you to access their student record

Are there reading, writing, or math placement tests?
Learn how we assess skills in reading, writing, and math for placement into appropriate coursework at NCCC

How do you order a transcript?

How does a student transfer credits to NCCC?
Click here to view the Course Equivalency Guide

How does a student track progress toward graduation?
Degree Works will track progress towards graduation.

If a student is almost ready to graduate – what do they need to do?
Understand the graduation application process

Tell me about the NCCC Commencement Ceremony

What if a student needs to withdraw from NCCC?

Student Services

How does a student find out about employment opportunities?

What is the First Year Experience (FYE) Program?

Is support available for single parents?

Where can a student find Childcare at NCCC?
Learn about our child-care facility and early-childhood education program for children ages 18 months to 4 years old

Where can a student with a disability go for support and accommodations?

What if a student wants to transfer after NCCC?
Find out more about transfer options and dual admission agreements with other colleges

What sports are offered at NCCC?

How do I view the athletic event calendar?

Does NCCC offer an Educational Opportunity Program/EOP?

Where can students purchase textbooks and supplies?
Shop our online bookstore or visit one of our two locations, NFCI and the NCCC Sanborn campus

Where can more information be found about on-campus housing?
Explore our student housing village that offers on-site housing for students

Is tutoring available?

Where can students find library resources?
View services, search databases, and more!

Where can a student find help with academic counseling?

What support is available for Veterans/Military students?

How can a student participate in fun activities or clubs?
Search for out of the classroom learning experiences that enhance Student Success Center in the areas of leadership and service

What kinds of online services are offered?
See what online services we offer through Banner web

What if a student needs medical services?

Do you offer personal counseling?
Find out how our Wellness Center supports physical, intellectual, social, and emotional well-being

Looking for programs and services designed to address the mental health and wellbeing of young people of color?
TEXT STEVE to 741741 to access a culturally trained Crisis Text Line counselor for help/support in dealing with mental illness related to our current climate.

Other FAQs

If you didn’t get your question or concern addressed, please feel free to contact us at 716-614-6222. We will be sure you get an answer! We appreciate that you chose NCCC, “the Smart Place to Start”! Welcome to the family!