Financial Aid

Repeated Credits and impact on Financial Aid

Typically, below are guidelines for repeating classes and eligibility for aid for both federal and state aid. If repeating a course in which one of the grades below was received, that course cannot be counted in current enrollment when determining federal and state aid amounts. If the student is repeating a course because the College Catalog indicates they are required to for that major, the repeat will be allowed.

Federal Aid (Excluding Federal Student Loans)

For the PELL GRANT only you may repeat a class one time regardless of the grade received.

Grades that are NOT OKAY to repeat
A, B, B+, C, C+, S, I

Grades that ARE OKAY to repeat (count towards attempted credits not earned)
U, W, F, D

State Aid

Grades that are NOT OKAY to repeat
A, B, B+, C, C+, D, D+, S

Grades that ARE OKAY to repeat
U, W, F, I


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