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Scholarship Information

Donate to Scholarships

Since 1987 donors have generously donated their dollars to fund scholarships for SUNY Niagara students. Scholarships are often named to honor the memory of loved ones. Others are named in tribute to alumni, board members, faculty, retirees, organizations, and companies. The Distinguished Student Scholarship awards are the most prestigious scholarships given to high school seniors in Niagara County. It is two years of tuition-free education at SUNY Niagara for students who exemplify superior academics, community service, and commitment to Niagara County. Donors may direct their contribution to one of these existing funds.

SUNY Niagara Spring 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Establishing a Scholarship

Numerous SUNY Niagara friends have established endowed scholarships to benefit students pursuing their higher education goals. Endowments provide donors with the capability of “Touching Lives & Building Futures” for students, alumni, retirees, their families and the community. At the same time, the endowment’s returns assure there are funds for annual scholarship awards that perpetuate for many years to come. When you endow a scholarship, you decide how it will make an impact on the College.

  • Donors choose the criteria and purpose of the scholarship with consultation from the SUNY Niagara Foundation
  • Scholarships can be named in memory of a student, alumnus, retiree or special loved one
  • Specific disciplines of study can be selected for the scholarship award
  • Depending on the contribution amount, naming ability for on-campus buildings, rooms, and focal points can be secured

The most admired scholarships by SUNY Niagara students are those open to all, enabling the most diverse group of students to benefit from a scholarship award. The entire scholarship endowment has reached more than $3 million, with more than 50 scholarship funds.

For more information on making a donation towards or scholarship or establishing a scholarship, please contact:

Julie Berrigan, Director of Development
Phone: 716-614-5911
Location: G-271

Distinguished Student Scholarship Recipients

Kaylee Bugman

High School: Niagara Wheatfield
Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences

“Give your best today; you will create a better tomorrow.”

Jenna Dobrasz

High School: Lewiston-Porter
Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences

“Work hard and have faith and everything will fall into place.”

Makenna Elsenheimer

High School: Royalton-Hartland
Major: Criminal Justice

“Always be your best self and chase your dreams!”

Jackson Hopkins

High School: Lockport
Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Gwendolyn Johnson

High School: Newfane
Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences

"As a future educator, it is my hope to help and encourage my students to see the potential within themselves such that they may find success pursuing their dreams."

Grace Trombley

High School: Royalton-Hartland
Major: Nursing

“You don’t need to be more than yourself, just all of yourself.”

Distinguished Student Scholarship Recipients

Abigail Stiokas

High School: North Tonawanda High School
Major: Animation
Career Goal: Become a professional animator

“I will benefit the community by helping to create animated films and animated stories to inspire others with the animation the same way it inspired my creativity.”

Dillan VanDenBosch

High School: Lewiston Porter
Major: Computer Science
Career Goal: Help develop cutting edge technology in Western New York.

“There are so many opportunities in computer science. Companies with cutting-edge technology make a real difference in the world.”

Evan Bush

High School: StarPoint
Major: Digital Media
Career Goal: Want to become and audio and video producer.

“I will become a voice for charitable organizations by creating promotional videos to help them achieve their goals.”

Evan O’Connor

High School: North Tonawanda
Major: Engineering Studies
Career Goal: Pursue project planning or management

“The Grand Island bridges, Niagara Power Vista, and Niagara Air Reserve Station are all significant engineering structures. My dream is to collaborate on new and even more impressive projects in Niagara County.”

Evan Vickers

High School: Niagara Wheatfield
Major: Biology
Career Goal: Work in a lab doing research about disease and immunity.

“My goal is to be a part of the research that's involved with groundbreaking discoveries and making an impact on helping sick people and curing diseases.”

Isabel Konopka

High School: Niagara Wheatfield
Major: Environmental Sciences
Career Goal: Become an Environmental Scientist

“We only have one environment, so it is important that all of us make crucial changes in order to keep it safe. I aspire to be a leader of such change.”


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