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Educational Links

FRCAE has a collection of books and media that cover many relevant teaching topics, student learning, assessment, engagement, retention, and diversity which can be searched through the Lewis Library website. If you select Advanced Search and then limit your location to Faculty Resource Center, you can search the holdings located in the Center.


Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

Includes general resources, handbooks, assessment of specific skills or content, links to individual institutions assessment pages, accrediting bodies and student assessment of courses and faculty.


Assessment Forum, American Association of Higher Education and Accreditation

This site includes assessment resources, readings, discussion lists, and assessment websites.


Classroom Management

Center for Instructional Development

Inclusive Teaching Resources- The Center for Instructional Development and Research of University of Washington offers teaching strategies, resources, and tools.


IRC – Handling Classroom Conduct

The Intergroup Relations Center of Arizona State University offers Classroom Resources, Class Conduct, Classroom Management Tools, Arizona State University ground rules for dialog/conflict de-escalation strategies, addressing disruptive behavior generating constructive dialog.


Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking Community

The Foundation and Center for Critical Thinking aim to improve education in colleges, universities, and primary through secondary schools. We present publications, conferences, workshops, and professional development programs, emphasizing instructional strategies, Socratic questioning, critical reading and writing, higher-order thinking, assessment, research, quality enhancement, and competency standards.


Faculty Evaluation

The IDEA Center

This is the website of the IDEA Center Resources. Best practices and specialized papers to guide in the improvement of teaching are available as well as research and guides to support the use of its evaluation Tool–the IDEA form.


Learning Styles

VARK- A guide to Learning Styles

Visual Aware Read/Route Kinesthetic – a guide to learning styles inventory includes questionnaires, help sheets, and advice for teachers. It was developed by Neil Fleming of Lincoln University in New Zealand.


Multimedia Reference Sources


Multimedia Online dictionary and search engine encyclopedia for computer and Internet technology.


Student Retention

Teaching Tips Index Honolulu Community College

An excellent resource of teaching ideas including icebreakers, the first day of class ideas to increase student retention.


Classroom Strategies for Fostering Student Retention Center for Teaching Excellence Lansing Community College


On Course

You will find many resources at this site to support your efforts for improving student academic success and retention on your campus.


Teaching Materials Online

Resources for Learning and Online Teaching

Offers Multimedia resources for teachers in higher education in almost all academic disciplines. Each resource is reviewed by a team of discipline-specific selected educators. If you are looking for simulations, video, virtual field trips, and a variety of other multimedia, MERLOT is an excellent resource. Most activities provide instructional activities and ideas for your use.


Teaching Materials Online

World Lecture Hall

Sort results by syllabus, audio, video, course notes, and course titles, publishers links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the web to deliver course materials.


MERLOT-Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching

Multimedia resources for teachers in higher education in most all academic disciplines. Each resource is reviewed by a team of discipline specific selected educators. If you are looking for simulations, video, virtual field trips, and a variety of other multimedia, MERLOT is an excellent resource. Most activities provide instructional activities and ideas for your use.


Teaching and Technology

Implementing the Seven Principles:

Technology as Lever: AAHE AW Chickering and SC Ehramnn Essay describe some of the most appropriate ways to use video, computers, electronic communications to support the seven principles.


Teaching Tips

Teaching with Excellence

Professional Organization Development Network (POD)

University of Maryland Alternatives to traditional teaching methods and learning strategies include student teacher relationships, defining and characterizing teaching, and motivating students.


Technology in the Classroom


iPod in the Classroom

Apple Computer provides this site as a “collection of educator created lesson plans to use as idea starters for using iPod in your classroom.”



Microsoft Tutorials

The Microsoft for Educators site offers a variety of easy to use online tutorials for learning PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Word.


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Offers online tutorials on the following topics: Multimedia Communications, Multimedia Integration, PowerPoint, and Photoshop.


TEACH-nology The Web Portal for Educators

The site offers a tutorial on using PowerPoint, review of good PowerPoint, Bad PowerPoint, and how to use it in the classroom. This site also offers tutorials on Excel.


Wireless Classroom

Using Laptops in a Wireless Classroom

Site from Pennsylvania State University Teaching and Learning with Technology Unit of Information Technology Services provides an introduction to wireless teaching, advantages and disadvantages are listed. Uses are listed including discipline specific interactions and innovative forms of interaction.



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