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General Education

The College is committed to general education. The SUNY General Education Requirement enables students to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful and important for all educated persons, regardless of their jobs or professions (SUNY Board of Trustees Resolution, January 2010). The NCCC general education policy is consistent with the SUNY General Education requirements.

SUNY General Education Requirements (SUNY-GER)

If you entered SUNY in Fall 2015 or later, to earn a SUNY associate’s degree, you must earn 30 credits selected from SUNY approved general education courses. These courses are posted on the College website: SUNY Approved NCCC General Education Courses In addition, the 30 credit hours must include courses selected from the following Knowledge and Skills Areas:

  • Basic Communication (required)
  • Mathematics (required)
  • Courses in 5 of the following 8 Knowledge and Skills areas
    • American History
    • Foreign Language
    • Humanities
    • Natural Sciences
    • Other World Civilizations
    • Social Sciences
    • The Arts
    • Western Civilization

Students will meet the two SUNY Competencies of Critical Thinking and Information Management by completing courses embedded throughout their major.

SUNY General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Please click here for the Student Learning Outcomes in each of the Knowledge and Skills areas and Competencies: SUNY General Education Student Learning Outcomes.

Note:  If you entered SUNY between Fall 2010 and Fall 2014, you may need to complete a course in each of the ten areas and if you entered SUNY before Fall 1998, the SUNY-GER may not apply.


Students interested in transferring to a SUNY school can find out more about the SUNY General Education requirements at the following link: You and the SUNY General Education Requirement.

Students transferring to the University of Buffalo will be required to complete the UB Major (which includes SUNY-GER) to obtain their Bachelor’s degree.  Students planning to attend UB should refer to the following document when choosing their General Education electives at NCCC: UB Major for NCCC Transfer Students.

Once a student has completed a SUNY General Education requirement at NCCC, that requirement will be accepted as complete at any SUNY college. Students must understand that the transfer college may have additional graduation minimum degree requirements that are also labeled as General Education. Please refer to the College catalog of the transfer college. Students, who have transferred to NCCC from another college or university, should submit their transcript(s) to the College for evaluation. Part of that evaluation will include an analysis of courses for the General Education requirement.

Additional Information

Additional information on waiver criteria, courses that count in more than one area, and the differences between SUNY-GER and NCCC Major Requirements is located at the following link: Additional General Education Information

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