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Human Resources

We welcome all who can benefit as they seek to attain their educational, career and personal goals through employment within the College.

Employee Profile

SUNY Niagara is a workforce comprised of talented, dedicated professionals. We currently employ approximately 600 employees who are part of four distinct groups: Administration, Faculty, Support Staff, and Part-Time.

Administration consists of those designated as administrators. Administrators are generally identified by titles such as president, vice presidents, assistant vice presidents, chief information officer, directors, assistant directors, grant program directors, coaches, assistant to the president, assistant to the vice president, grant writer. Administrators are non-unionized.

Faculty consists of persons classified as teaching faculty, counselors, librarians, non­-credit instructors, non-ranked professionals, and para-professionals who have the title of technical assistants. Faculty are members of the SUNY Niagara Faculty Association.

Support staff are those who provide support services to the College. The clerical staff is composed of secretarial personnel, security, printing/duplicating, mail services, and various positions in information technology. The technical staff is composed of maintenance, custodians, cleaners, laborers, groundskeepers, and storekeeper. There are two unions that represent members of the support staff, both of which are affiliated with New York State United Teachers (NYSUT). The clerical staff union is known as the Educational Support Personnel Association (ESPA) and the technical staff is known as the Technical Support Personnel Association (TSPA).

Part-time employees provide various types of service to the College to include instruction of credit courses, instruction of non-credit courses, and various services that support the operation of the College. Part-time instructors who teach at least three (3) credits in a semester are members of the SUNY Niagara Adjunct Association also affiliated with NYSUT.


Human Resources
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