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John D Strong, Chief Diversity and Equity Officer

August 16, 2021 

In an effort to connect with other faculty members and share best practices in teaching and supporting students, John D Strong will participate in the Lumen Circles Fellowship Program this fall.  The nine-week program is sponsored by the State University of New York (SUNY) Open Educational Resources (OER) in conjunction with the SUNY Center for Professional Development.

Strong, an Assistant Professor in Health and Physical Education and Personal Trainer Certificate Coordinator was appointed as Chief Diversity and Equity Officer in the fall of 2020.  In the Lumen Program, Strong will be focusing on the theme, Belonging & Inclusive Teaching Fundamentals.  This is one of six cohort groups participants in the program can select.  This focused theme will allow him to develop as a teacher by exploring evidence-based practices that support a diverse group of students, building on the strengths of each individual.  This experience will help him to develop his ability to engage students and help them to feel seen, respected, and included as capable partners in the learning process.  When asked what he’s hoping to learn from the Lumen Program, Strong states, “Ultimately, I’m looking to be the best teacher I can be, and offer the greatest access to information possible to as broad a student population as possible.”

Instructors at NCCC routinely take part in professional development opportunities both on campus and through SUNY.  “I appreciate the opportunity to grow as a professional and enhance the NCCC academic community.”  As both an Assistant Professor and the Chief Diversity and Equity Officer, Strong will be able to share his experience with others at NCCC, creating a more inclusive and effective learning environment for students of all backgrounds.

John D Strong, Chief Diversity and Equity Officer

John D Strong, Chief Diversity and Equity Officer

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