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Morning Thunder – SUNY Niagara Podcast

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Morning Thunder

“Morning Thunder” is a podcast meant to keep our SUNY Niagara students informed; brought to you by the Academic Center for Excellence. If you have suggestions for future podcast topics, please email us at

Podcast Descriptions

Episode 13 – Day of Giving

SUNY Niagara’s Assistant Director of the Foundations office, Ali Korta, speaks to us about the Day of Giving and how your contribution to the annual fund can help SUNY Niagara grow.

Episode 12 – Keeping the SUNY Niagara Campus Safe

Want to know about the safety precautions SUNY Niagara has implemented for the Fall 2020 semester? Vice President of Administration Wayne Lynch informs us of the new screening policy for entering campus and the multiple safety measures that have been taken to keep our students, staff, and faculty as safe as possible this semester.

Episode 11 – SUNY Niagara’s New Web Page

Coordinator of Multimedia and Web Services, Corey Wright, talks to us about SUNY Niagara’s brand new web page debuting on August 1, 2020. SUNY Niagara Web Page:

Episode 10 – Niagara Falls Culinary Institute

Culinary Instructor, Chef Nathan Koscielski speaks with us about his journey to becoming a chef, the state-of-the-art facilities at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute, and the new culinary cannabis course being offered in Spring 2021.

Episode 9 – Workforce Development

Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs for Workforce Development, Karen Kwandrans explains the mission behind the Workforce Development program at SUNY Niagara. Karen also speaks to us about the educational programming options for students and individualized training opportunities for Niagara County businesses. For more information on the Workforce Development program, click here:

Episode 8 – Veteran Services

Joseph Potalivo, Veteran Services & Financial Aid Technical Assistant, talks to us about the services available to Veterans/Military students; including assistance with navigating through the paperwork associated with the GI Bill. For more information or to contact Joe, please click on the following link:

Episode 7 – Course Modalities: An Overview

Lisa Dubuc, Coordinator of Online Learning, discusses the different modalities (or modes) in which courses will be offered at SUNY Niagara (ex. online, hybrid, blended, etc.). For more information, please visit Online Learning’s web page here:

Episode 6 – Exploring a Gap Year

Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management Bob McKeown speaks to us about the ways in which SUNY Niagara could help to fill a gap year. For more information, please visit SUNY Niagara’s Admissions page here:

Episode 5 – Biotechnology & COVID-19

SUNY Niagara instructor Dr. Estelle Steiner speaks to us about the biotechnology program and biotechnology’s role within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 4 – Animal Management & “Tiger King”

Professor Aaron Cobaugh speaks to us about SUNY Niagara’s Animal Management program and his thoughts on Netflix’s documentary “Tiger King.”

Episode 3 – Prepping for Finals

Sandra Lynn Lytle, Adjunct ACE & English Instructor, talks to us about preparing for finals and test-taking strategies, while Nursing student Amanda Saunders provides a student’s perspective.

Episode 2 – Staying Safe & Well

Janelle Ventura, Mental Health Counselor from the Wellness Center, discusses student’s concerns and techniques for managing feelings of anxiety during this pandemic.

Episode 1 – Making the Grade

Sabrina Faso, Admissions, discuss choosing S or U Grades and the impact of those choices on a student’s transferability, GPA, and financial aid.

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