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SUNY Niagara Health Studies Program Coordinator, Lynn Brochu

December 16, 2021

SUNY Niagara is responding to the growing need for flexible learning options through online degree and certificate programs, as well as HyFlex classes.  The trend to move towards remote learning options accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains a strong solution for students who are unable to adhere to a traditional in-person class schedule.

HyFlex is a relatively new option at SUNY Niagara, providing students the highest level of flexibility, allowing them to choose between a variety of delivery modes.  Students can attend In-person on campus, attend class virtually, in real-time through Zoom, or complete the coursework 100% synchronously online.  Those enrolled in HyFlex can choose their preference and change the mode on how they attend from one class meeting to the next as needed.

The benefit of online and HyFlex options through SUNY Niagara is that classes are taught by faculty in accredited programs that easily transfer to other institutions within the State University of New York (SUNY) system.  While students enjoy the benefits of a remote learning environment on their schedule, they can also access a large variety of in-person resources such as advisement, tutoring, and the library on campus if they choose.

Currently, SUNY Niagara offers 13 programs and certificates completely online, with plans for more in the future.  Starting in January of 2022, Health Studies will be added to the list of online degree programs. Lynn Brochu, Program Coordinator states, “The Health Studies transfer program prepares students with the opportunity for careers in community-based wellness programs, government health agencies and corporate wellness to name a few.” Some of the courses in the program have the HyFlex option with more to be created in the next few years.  Brochu also has advice for those considering HyFlex: “For students who want the face-to-face interaction, the student who is an independent worker and the student that prefers ZOOM with online and classroom interaction, it provides the best of all learning opportunities for students.”

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SUNY Niagara Health Studies Program Coordinator, Lynn Brochu

SUNY Niagara Health Studies Program Coordinator, Lynn Brochu

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