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2023 “Best of 716” People’s Choice Award Finalists

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I Had A Strange Dream Last Night – Directed by: Mira Haley Steuer

An experimental short about being a child (now young adult) with a chronic illness.

Harlem Nights – Directed by: Kaitlyn Lowe

A love letter in the form of a visual poem dedicated to the radical artists from the Harlem Renaissance.

Simulacrum – Directed by: Taylor Martin

After years of separation, a family discovers they can enter the memories of their deceased father, finding closure and a deeper understanding of their relationship.

Lydia’s FallDirected by: Hope Muehlbauer

A teen girl hosts a “haunt” for the locals in her town on Halloween night.

Jackass Love – Directed by: Michele DeLuca

A documentary about a donkey rescue farm in Gasport, NY, where the humans who rescue animals are healing their lives right alongside the abused and abandoned creatures they’ve saved.

Her Own Hero – Directed by: Lukia Costello

A brief history of women’s self-defense based on book Her Own Hero by historian and researcher Wendy Rouse. Narrated by Wendy Rouse, Associate Professor of History, San Jose State University, as excerpted from her California Historical Society Book Talk Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self Defense Movement, March 13, 2018.

Queer SuffragistDirected by: Tilke Hill

A video essay echoing the waves of change by non-conforming suffragists Margaret Chung, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, and Carrie Chapman Catt. This triumvirate knew in the essence of their beings that voting was a fundamental right and that women are fundamentally equal to their male counterparts. They are the bastions of change because they existed in their own truths in addition to fighting for equality.

Lost and Never Found – Directed by: Nicholas Joseph Buccarelli


A short 3D animated film about a fox looking for his red ball in a nightmarish dreamscape.

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