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B.P.S. in Business, Management, and Economics with a Concentration in Culinary Management

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for SUNY Niagara Culinary Arts Faculty

Why do culinary students need a bachelor’s degree?

  • A four-year degree increases graduates’ career potential, especially for moving into management.
  • Graduates from this program will have a solid foundation for developing the skills to be a manager and to progress to owning a business

What topics are included in this program?

  • Students will study such topics as financial management, cost control, facilities, and events management, management information systems, customer and vendor relations, marketing, sustainability, in addition to advanced-level culinary courses.
  • The courses designed for this program take account of current practices and future trends in the culinary field.

What’s different about this program?

  • All SUNY Niagara graduates who complete an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts are guaranteed admission to Empire State College.
  • SUNY Niagara students in the Culinary Arts associate degree program complete four semesters at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute – here’s the difference for SUNY Niagara graduates in Culinary Arts, who enroll at Empire State College to pursue a B.P.S. degree:
    • in the fifth semester, students are Empire State College students, but their courses are SUNY Niagara courses, taught by SUNY Niagara faculty, as provided by the Pathways agreement
    • in the fifth semester, students also take a two-credit course with an Empire State faculty member to begin planning their bachelor’s degree.
    • In semesters 6, 7, and 8, students will be enrolled in blended (hybrid) courses, with 5–7 meetings per semester and online coursework between meetings.
    • Blended study in semesters 6, 7, and 8 mean that students who are employed can continue their studies while working.
    • All courses that lead to a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Culinary Management are offered at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute.
    • All courses are taught by faculty who meet SUNY requirements and have expertise in their field – credentials, and experience.
    • Empire State College can grant college credit to students for what they know as a result of working in the culinary field — referred to as earning credit for college-level knowledge gained through employment.
    • Students earn a SUNY degree, which is both respected and affordable.

Other important information:

  • Students who transfer to SUNY Niagara and complete the associate’s degree in Culinary Arts, are guaranteed admission to Empire State. Consult SUNY Niagara for transfer information.

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