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Gingerbread Competition

Official Rules and Information

  1. Entry Forms
    1. Fill out an official Entry Form at our website no later than Friday, November 26, 2021.
  2. Attach a 3” x 5” card listing your name, address, and phone number on the underside of each entry.
  3. Creations must fit on a 20” circular or square display board.  It is highly recommended that the display board be constructed out of at least 1/2 inch thick MDO (Medium Density Overlay). Height can be no more than 24.”
  4. Entries will be judged in five (5) categories:
    1. Professional Division
    2. Amateur Division
    3. College Division
    4. High School Division
    5. Children’s Division – Age 7 – 13
  5. All entries must be brought to The Niagara Falls Culinary Institute on Friday, December 3, 2021, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  6. Please note all parts of Gingerbread House must be edible. (No foil or paper wrapping on candy) Gingerbread Houses may be mechanically enhanced.
  7. Final judging will consist of four categories:
    1. Use of Gingerbread & Color
    2. Originality/Creativity
    3. Adherence to Guidelines
    4. Detail in Decoration
  8. Judges’ decisions will be final
  9. The Ribbons will be presented on Saturday, December 4th.


    1. NCCC/NFCI will not be responsible for any damage that occurs to the structures.
    2. Entry into the contest will be deemed consent for use of entries, names, and photos of entrants in all media for advertising and/or promotion purposes.

What Division Do I Compete In?

Professional Contestant is any graduate of a Baking & Pastry Arts Program or a baker or pastry chef/cook who is working in the industry.

Amateur Contestant is any individual ages 14 and above who has no formal baking and pastry arts training and is not working in the industry at any level.  (If an individual is currently enrolled in a baking and pastry or culinary arts program, they must enter in the student division: Not as an Amateur).

College Student Contestant is any individual currently enrolled in a baking & pastry or culinary arts program at the collegiate level.

High School Student Contestant is any student enrolled in a BOCES Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts program or any high school program involved with food production.  Many of the local high schools offer elective classes in family and consumer science that deal with culinary arts.  A student enrolled in this type of class must enter the high school division.

Child Contestant is any child ages 7-13 who enjoys building & decorating gingerbread.

Competition Prizes

Professional Division
1st Place: $500 Visa gift card
2nd Place: $250 Visa gift card
3rd Place: $100 Visa gift card
People’s Choice

Amateur Div.
1st Place: value of $560 Private Community Education Class for 8
2nd Place: value of $150 Chef’s Table Dinner for 6 at Savor Restaurant
3rd Place: value of $50 dinner for 2 at Savor Restaurant

College Division
1st Place: $1,000 scholarship* and $300 Visa gift card
2nd Place: $1,000.00 scholarship* and $200 Visa gift card
3rd Place: $1,000.00 scholarship* and $100 Visa gift card
People’s Choice

High School Division
1st Place: $1,000 scholarship* and $300 Visa gift card
2nd Place: $1,000.00 scholarship* and $200 Visa gift card
3rd Place: $1,000.00 scholarship* and $100 Visa gift card
People’s Choice

Children’s Division
1st Place: $100 Amazon gift card
2nd Place: $50 Amazon gift card
3rd Place: $25 Amazon gift card
People’s Choice

*Winners will receive a voucher for a scholarship to the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute/ Niagara County Community College that is non-transferable with no cash value. Scholarships have a value of up to $500 per semester and up to $1,000 total. The scholarship funds can be applied for the academic year starting in the Fall 2022 or Fall 2023 semesters.

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