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Hospitality Management, A.A.S.


This program covers a broad spectrum of courses to prepare students for careers in the exciting and growing field of hospitality management. The hospitality industry is worldwide, with career potential for students at all levels from local to international. Graduates of this two-year course of study can find management careers with hotel companies, restaurant chains, tourist attractions, recreation facilities, clubs, casinos, convention facilities, and cruise lines, as well as opportunities with supplier and support services to the industry. Those interested in entrepreneurial endeavors will also find many opportunities in the tourism and hospitality field. The service delivery management skills that are the focus of this curriculum are also often transferable to other careers in the business world.
SUNY Niagara offers a two-year academic program with ten industry-specific courses meant to give the student a comprehensive overview of the hospitality industry and the opportunities and challenges that careers in the service industry provide. Each student will be required to find employment in the industry in our internship class to complete 90 hours of work experience prior to graduation at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute site. Additional general education and business courses are included that will allow the student to develop supportive knowledge, soft skills, and abilities the industry looks for in its career personnel. We now offer a pathway to allow students to take a paid internship/class at Disney. Students in their third semester can apply to the Disney internship program, and if accepted, complete a semester while working at Disney and taking online classes.
Program Goals and Objectives
  • To provide students with the fundamental management skills required by the hospitality industry
  • To enhance the students’ understanding of the opportunities and challenges present in the hospitality industry
  • To assist the student in developing the high level personal and professional performance standards required by the hospitality industry
  • To provide students with the necessary support skills (accounting, computer technology, communication) to succeed in management positions within the industry
  • Understand the structure and operational challenges of various aspects of the hospitality industry
  • Discern and be able to apply high-quality standards as they apply to guest service and employee support and motivation
  • Recognize quality standards as they apply to lodging and foodservice businesses
  • Demonstrate supervisory-level management skills appropriate to the industry needs
  • Apply managerial accounting principles to various industry situations
  • Utilize appropriate written and oral communication skills for business applications
  • Demonstrate proficiency in information technology skills appropriate to the industry
  • Exhibit a professional appearance consistent with career expectations

Program Contact

Daniel DiPirro: Hospitality Management and Hospitality Operations Coordinator
Phone: 716-210-2553
Location: NFCI-147
Division Office: 716-614-6456

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