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Savor Restaurant


Hear what local restauranteurs have to say about student-run Savor Restaurant:

Bill Casale ‘90

General Manager
Pearl Street Family of Companies

“I love the location, and I love the atmosphere. It’s definitely a hidden gem in my opinion.”

Jon Dandes

Vice President
Rich Products Special Projects

“I think it’s spectacular! Love the ambiance…love the setting. The view is tremendous, and most importantly, the food is spectacular!”

Dennis DiPaolo

Ilio DiPaolo’s Restaurant

“It’s a great experience!”

Shetice Jackson

Cake Crazy Bakery

“The food is phenomenal! I love the different choices and no matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s something for you.”

Victor Parra Gonzalez

Las Puertas Restaurant

“You’ll be able to experience the opportunity to try something from the hands of someone that might be at the top of the industry here in WNY and have a delicious meal.”

Russell Salvatore

Russell’s Steaks, Chops & More

“I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. I was very impressed!”

Alexa Joan Wajed

Personal Chef

“I think it’s amazing. I think the concept of having students run and manage a restaurant is really important in the culinary experience. It’s a great opportunity to have great food, and be surprised that it’s made by students!”


Savor Restaurant
Location: 28 Old Falls Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14303
Phone: 716-210-2580