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Brightspace Essentials For Learners

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If you are new to the Brightspace Learning Environment, please review the videos below. It will take approximately 20 minutes, but you can always review this page throughout the semester.

If you still have questions, you can chat live with an Online Learning Representative!

Brightspace Essentials For Learners

Expand the tabs on this page to learn more about how to interact within your Brightspace course.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Login Steps

Step 1. Enter FULL email address (

Step 2. Enter password for your T-Wolves account

Step 3. Select ‘Next’ to move forward with setting up Authentication

Step 4. Either select the option to install the Authenticator app on your device or select ‘I want to set up a different method’ to receive a text/call.
Step 4A.If using the ‘different method’ option, select how you would like the code to be received

Step 5. Enter your mobile phone number and choose the Text or Call option

Step 6. Enter code you received and hit next, then you will see this screen below

Step 7. If this is a personal device you will be using frequently, select the ‘Don’t show this again’ and ‘Yes’ options to stay signed in for 14 days

Brightspace Video Tutorials

How to navigate the environment in Brightspace and navigate your course in Brightspace.

Use the Grades tool to check your grades on assignments and tests. You can see your individual grades, feedback, and comments. You can also view your final grade once your instructor releases your grades. The link to Grades is on the navbar in each course. This video explains how to use the grades tool to monitor course grades.

Use the Class Progress Tool to check how you’re doing in different areas of a course. The Class Progress link is in the navbar. This video explains how to use the Class Progress tool.

View submission attempts on quizzes, assignments, and discussions.

Profile and Setting Tutorials

How to create your profile in Brightspace.

How to customize your account settings, such as font size. Note: You will not have the option to change your email or password as described in the video.

How to manage your notification settings so you can stay up to date on activity in your course.


The Assignments tool allows you to submit work within Brightspace, eliminating the need to email your assignments to your instructor. Simply upload to the correct submission area of your course.

The Discussions tool is a collaboration area to post, read and reply to threads, share thoughts about course materials, ask questions, share files, or work with your peers.

Your instructor may post quizzes (tests) for you to take in Brightspace. You will use the quizzes tool to complete a quiz and review your quiz results. 


Use the Grades tool to check your grades on assignments and tests. You can see your individual grades, feedback, comments, and final grade. The link to Grades is on the navbar in each course.

Use the Class Progress Tool to check how you’re doing in different areas of a course. The Class Progress link is in the navbar.

Brightspace and Academic Help

Online Learning Support & Brightspace Assistance

Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Phone: 716-614-6488 
Location: D-106D Suite Learning Commons
Zoom/ In-person/ Phone Options: Schedule an Appointment
Ask a Question:
  Live Chat Online

Brightspace Assistance

Visit: Brightspace Student Training
Contact: SUNY Online HelpDesk at 1-844-673-6786
Visit:  SUNY Online Support Services Help Desk
Night and weekend hours offered!

Office of Information Technology

Forgot Brightspace/ T-Wolves/Office 365 Password
Visit: A131
Contact: 716-210-2505
Office 365 Pro (free for students)
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Academic Support

Academic Center for Excellence
D-201 (within the Lewis Library)
Tutoring Availability: Schedule an Appointment
Ask a Questions:
Submit Form

Henrietta Lewis Library
Main office:
Circulation Desk: 716-614-6783
Reference Desk: 716-614-6786
Check Monthly Calendar
Ask a Librarian: Available 24/7

Student Success Center
Location: D-102

Brightspace Pulse App

Brightspace Pulse App Icon

Brightspace Pulse is optimized for mobile devices with the following operating systems:

Download Instructions

Download the Brightspace Pulse app and log into your account using the instructions below. Once logged into your account you will have access to notifications and all courses inside Brightspace.

Step 1. Select “Next” to never miss  a deadline

Step 2. Select “Get Started” to keep a pulse in what is new in all your classes

Step 3. In the search option type the word “NCCC” and select Niagara County Community College

Step 4. Select “Network Users” to login to Brightspace

Step 5. In the drop-down list select “Niagara”

Step 6. Type in your Twolves Username/Password

Pulse App Steps

YuJa Media Chooser

YuJa logo

YuJa is a video management platform (like a private YouTube for SSU classes) that includes video recording and editing software. This organization tool allows students to access recording tools, share recordings with their class, or securely submit recordings to an instructor.


Workshops Available:

1:1 Workshops available via phone, zoom, or in-person Tuesday-Thursday between the hours of 8:30-4:00.

How to Communicate

There are several methods of staying connected with your professor and the students in class:

  • Announcements– This is an area where faculty will communicate with the entire class with important information. Check the announcements on the homepage regularly in each class in Brightspace. Note: Students cannot respond directly to an announcement forwarded to their college email. The faculty member will not receive your email. Use one of the methods below to email your professor.
  • Email Tool in Brightspace– Brightspace contains an email system right within it! It works just like Gmail, Outlook or any other “regular” email system would, except all messages remain inside Brightspace- which means it is secure. When using this tool an email notification will display in Brightspace message alerts and a COPY will be sent to your college email address (outside of Brightspace). Please be aware that you cannot reply to any emails or messages sent from the Brightspace email system using an outside college email (T-Wolves Gmail, Outlook, or “regular” email). If you accidentally reply to a Brightspace email using your college email you will NOT get an error message to let you know it did not go through. To respond to these emails, you need to go into Brightspace and open the email tool to view, compose, or reply to emails sent through the system. Note: Emails sent through Brightspace will contain a message that the bottom telling you that you cannot reply to this communication.

  • College Email– You can use the college email to communicate with your professor using the email supplied on the class syllabus. When doing this please include specific details; course, what problem or questions you have, etc. This will allow for a quick response!

Note- Communication such as announcements and emails sent through Brightspace are sometimes forwarded to your college email (T-Wolves & Outlook) based on the Notification Settings in your user profiles in Brightspace. If you receive one of these communications from Brightspace in your college email you cannot reply to those emails. Your professor will not receive the email from you. You need to go into the Brightspace Email tool and reply to the faculty or start a new email message so they will receive your email/messages. Or you can email your professor using the email address provided in their syllabus to send an email.You can set your Notification setting in Brightspace to forward messages to your phone or college email.


T-Wolves & Brightspace username/password help: call OIT at 716-210-2505, email, or visit A131.

Online Learning Support & Brightspace Assistance:  call 716-614-6488, email, or Visit D106D.

Brightspace Assistance: contact SUNY Online HelpDesk 1-844-673-6786  (They offer night and weekend hours!)