Online Learning

NCCC offers a variety of flexible learning options including online, hybrid, blended, and hyflex courses. We also offer online programs and certificates.

Online Learning FAQs

Can I use a computer on campus to take a test that requires a Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Yes, Respondus has been installed in multiple locations for students on-campus use:

  • ACE Center
  • E-Commons
  • D-108
  • D-109
  • D-303

Can I use financial aid to pay for Online Learning courses?

Yes, you can use financial aid to pay for Online Learning courses and programs. Visit the Financial Aid Web page for more information.

Do I need to come to campus to take an online course?

Overall, online classes are taken from the convenience of any location you have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Please be aware that some online courses do require a proctored exam. It is important to read the course requirements to see if you are taking a course that requires a proctored exam.

Do you offer online degree and certificate programs?

View our Online Learning Programs information for online degree and certificate information.

How do I access my course(s)?

All online, hybrid, blended, and Hyflex courses are accessed through our campus learning management system, Blackboard Learn. You can access Blackboard and view your courses in the MyNCCC or Courses section. You will be given access to the course in Blackboard five days prior to the official course start date each semester. Check your schedule as some module courses have different start dates. If you add a course to your schedule during drop/add, the course will not show up in Blackboard for 12 to 24 hours. To get started, please view this information.

How do I get an Enrollment Verification letter?

Current students can request an enrollment verification letter by going to “Banner Web”, enter the secure area, and click on “Student and Financial Aid”. Verifications are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year via this website. You may also complete an enrollment verification request available in the Registration & Records Office (A-105) or fax a letter of request to 716-614-6821.

How do I get help?

SUNY Online Help Desk:
If you have questions about using Blackboard they can help. The SUNY Online help desk has evening and weekend hours.1-844-673-6786

NCCC OIT Help desk:
NCCC Office of Information Technology Help Desk – for TWolves Student Email Help, or Blackboard Learn Password questions- call 716-215-2505

NCCC Office of Online Learning:
Email questions to:

Blackboard Student Group:
Located in Blackboard in the community tab – Link to login to Blackboard here
(in this group you will find resources and videos to help you learn how to navigate and use the features in Blackboard to complete your coursework. Students only have access to Blackboard while enrolled in courses at NCCC

Learning to Learn Online:
Located in the MyNCCC and Student Success tab in Blackboard
(In this course you can learn key skills to be a successful digital learner or you can just go through the Blackboard Learn Training section to learn how to navigate Blackboard.

Academic Center for Excellence
(offers remote online tutoring and more)

NCCC Lewis Library
Help is available 24/7- Lewis Library

SUNY remote learning support
SUNY Online remote learning support center

There are companies offering free or low-cost Internet, SUNY has posted this list of providers and further information.

Other Questions
Contact the Office of Online Learning at

How do I register for a course?

To register for a class follow the instructions on the registration page or contact the Registration & Records Office at 716-614-6250.

How do I participate in the Discussion Board in Blackboard?

Online Learning students at NCCC are well supported. View the help options below:

Watch this short video from Blackboard Help: How to use Blackboard Discussions (

How do I take a test using Respondus Lockdown Browser?

You will need to download the required LockDown Brower software before logging in to take the test in Blackboard.  The following link gives you a video on how to use the Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) and how to download the software needed to use the LDB.

How much do Online, Hybrid, Blended, or Hyflex courses cost?

Tuition and fees will vary depending on a number of factors such as whether you are a matriculated student enrolled in an online degree program, take some on-campus courses, or simply take a course online. Financial aid and scholarship awards should also be considered. When you are planning how you will pay for your education, don’t forget that textbooks and other materials may be required at an additional cost.

How much time per week does it take to complete an online course?

Online courses follow the same credit hour time frame as on campuses courses. For each 3 credit hour- 15 week course, you can expect it to take about 9-12 hours per week. View our Online Learning Time Management Calculator to get an estimate of how much time your online course(s) should take you to succeed in this mode of instruction

I didn't find the course I need, what can I do?

SUNY Online lists online courses for SUNY institutions. To get started:

Go to the SUNY Online website at:

Select the “ONLINE COURSES” link from the navigation menu located on the top of the web page. Choose “FIND A COURSE” and select “Course Catalog” or “Find an Online Course” link to search course options

If you need assistance on the SUNY Online website, contact the SUNY Online help desk at 1-844-673-6786

If you are matriculated at Niagara County Community College and are interested in registering for a SUNY Online course offered by another SUNY campus, please be aware that you are responsible for the following:

Adhering to the NCCC policy regarding transfer credit approval.

Contacting the Financial Aid Office at NCCC regarding satisfactory academic progress and financial aid eligibility.

Informing the NCCC Registration and Records Office about the credits taken at another institution as part of your semester workload.

Acquiring academic approval should a SUNY Online course cause academic overload.
Requesting the other SUNY campus course to send the official transcripts of the grades you earned to NCCC.

If you see something you would like to take, you must check with your academic department and advisor to see if the course will transfer to NCCC. As these are SUNY credits, most may transfer but there are exceptions. Please check with your department and advisor before enrolling in a course. If you choose to enroll in a SUNY Online course, you must register and pay the institution offering the course. Look for the contact information for that campus on the SUNY Online website.

I'm registered for my course, now what do I do? How do I begin?

You will be given access to your course on the official semester start date. Instructions on how to Get Started.

What are the attendance requirements for taking online, hybrid, blended, or Hyflex courses?

You are required to log in to your online course(s) at least three times per week. While logged into your course, you must post a question, respond in the discussion forums, or submit an assignment as proof of attendance. When you make a submission or posting, the professor will know you are “in class” and you will not be dropped for non-participation, which can affect your financial aid. Since the online program is not bound by specific class times, students are responsible for budgeting their time. Make sure you log into your online course(s) the first day of class and participate in beginning course activities, that way your professor will know you have successfully accessed your course. You can expect each 3-credit hour, a 15-week course to take you 9-12 hours per week. Please use our time management calculator to assess how much time you should plan on spending in your online courses on a weekly basis. For more information view our Online, Hybrid, Blended, Hyflex Attendance tracking document.

What is an assignment in Blackboard and how do I submit one?

For a complete overview of assignments in Blackboard, watch this video from Blackboard Help: Assignment Overview.

For more information on assignments visit Blackboard help:

What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is the NCCC web-based learning management system.

All students have a Blackboard Learn account. Your instructors may choose to use Blackboard Learn to supplement your on-campus instruction and all online, hybrid, blended, and hyflex courses are run through Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is hosted through SUNY Online and the SUNY Online help desk provides support for Blackboard Learn-related questions.

With Blackboard Learn you can take quizzes, tests, surveys, download course-related materials, submit assignments electronically, view your grades, and communicate with your instructor and classmates. You can also use Blackboard Learn to store files as each student has file storage space called content collection.

What is my Blackboard Learn username and password?

Your username and password is the same as your T-Wolves Mail account for students and Outlook email account for faculty. Students must enroll in T-Wolves mail in order to activate their account. For more instructions, please view the log on instructions documentation.

What is the student ID to make online bookstore purchases with financial aid?

The student ID code needed to make online purchases from the NCCC bookstore with financial is your student ID number. This number starts with an @ symbol and a series of numbers. You can find this number on the back of your NCCC student ID card or in your personal information on Banner Web.

What Online Learning courses are offered?

NCCC offers courses in a variety of instructional methods, including online, hybrid, blended, and hyflex. To learn more about these instructional modes view this document. Course offerings for any given term are listed in Banner Web. You can filter the type of course through the instructional method option.

What technology requirements are there for an Online, Hybrid, Blended, or Hyflex course?

You are required to have access to a broadband connection and a desktop or laptop computer/MAC, using a tablet or other mobile device may not have the functionality required for the course. Visit the SUNY Online help desk to check your browser compatibility or contact Online Learning at Software like Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel may be required. As a student at Niagara County Community College, you have access to download Office 365 for FREE with your T-Wolves email address. (To download or learn more about Office 365; log into Blackboard Learn, go to the “Student” tab then select the Office 365 link/picture).

Some courses, like Public Speaking, will require a device to record yourself presenting speeches. A webcam or video camera is normally sufficient. If there are any other special technology requirements for your course, your instructor will inform you once you begin your course.

Technology for Blended Courses – In addition to any technical requirements listed above, blended and hyflex courses use Real-Time Technology, which means you will be required to log into a web conferencing tool like Zoom to participate in the live “synchronous” lecture classes. To participate in the live lectures, you will need access to a webcam or built-in laptop camera and microphone. In most cases, you can download the Zoom app and participate using your tablet or smartphone. Your instructor will provide you details on which web conferencing tool will be used for your blended “real-time technology” course.

For information on using a mobile device view this page.

What time commitment should I plan to make?

Plan on spending several hours per week for each online course (typically 3-4 hours of work per credit hour of the course-i.e. 9-12 hours for a 3 credit course) every week of the semester. Most classes are highly interactive and will require your active participation.

When do classes begin?

All courses including online, hybrid, blended, and hyflex classes begin the same day as regular on-campus classes and follow the same academic schedule. However, we provide you with access to Blackboard five days prior to the first official day of classes. Use this extra time to become familiar with log-on procedures and complete the Learning to Learn Online.

Where do I get help with 3rd Party Content? (Pearson MyLabs, McGraw-Hill Simnet or Connect, Blogger, Cengage SAM or Quia)

The best place to find support is on each 3rd Party’s technical support website or by contacting their Customer Service Support numbers. The Online Learning department does not have access to their support knowledge. To get help check your course or contact your instructor for the appropriate technical support contact information.

Will I still need to buy a textbook?

Each course has its own course requirements which may include: textbooks, software, and hardware. You can view the textbook requirements online at the College bookstore.


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