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NCCC offers a variety of flexible learning options including online, hybrid, and blended courses. We also offer online programs and certificates.

Getting Started in Online, Hybrid, and Blended Courses at NCCC

Fall 2020

Thank you for choosing to study with NCCC. Our records indicate you have enrolled in an online, hybrid, or blended course for the upcoming semester. The following is a list of things you can do to prepare yourself for success this semester.  

You will need to log on the first day of class and be prepared to spend a good amount of time completing your work during the term. The Fall 2020 semester begins on August 31st, however certain module courses begin at different times during the fall term. You should check your course schedule in Banner Web for course start dates. 

You won’t have access to your course(s) in Blackboard until the first day of class, however, you can access Blackboard and the many students’ resources we provide at any time.  

Step 1: Log into Blackboard Learn using your T-Wolves username/password (need help with username/password? Call 716-210-2505)

NCCC Online Learning Student Orientation & Introduction to BlackboardStep 2: Complete the NCCC Online & Introduction to Blackboard, Student Success Orientation – If you are new to online, hybrid, or blended learning or new to using the Blackboard Learning Management System, you should complete the success orientation. This success orientation is not mandatory but will help you get acclimated if you are new to these instructional modes of learning.  (From the My NCCC tab in Blackboard you will see the orientation link on the far left side.)  You will learn how to use Blackboard, what to expect as an online learner, how to succeed, and where to get help.  There are a few activities to give you practice in the wrap-up & participate module. 

Step 3: Log into your course(s). Log into your course on the 1st day of class.  Check your course schedule in Banner Web for start dates). Log into Blackboard and into your course(s) on the 1st day of classes. Your professor will have a start here or welcome announcement to guide you on how to start the course and any required course materials. Log into your course(s) on the first day so that your professor knows you successfully logged into your online course. 

Note for Blended Courses – the days/times listed in Banner Web are the times you will log in for your live “synchronous” lectures through Zoom or other web conferencing tools.  Details to be provided by your instructor. Check your T-Wolves college email for any emails from your professors. They will be sending you information on the Zoom log in and other information about your blended course.

Note for Hybrid Courses – the days/times listed in Banner Web are the times you will attend the course on campus. Your instructor will provide details for the online portion of the course at the first class meeting and through an announcement in Blackboard and email to your TWolves college email.  Plan on attending the first class on campus as listed in your course schedule.

Learn more about the instructional methods for online, hybrid, and blended here.

Step 4: If you still need assistance, email us at

Getting Started in Online, Hybrid, or Blended Course(s) – Student Session

In this workshop, you learn how to log in and get started in your online, hybrid, or blended course(s).

Topics covered

  • What is a Hybrid, Blended or Online Course-Expectations, Requirements, Attendance
  • Logging on, finding your course and navigation
  • Course Calendar/Schedule and when to “attend class”
  • How to contact your professor
  • Where to find assignments
  • NCCC Online Learning Student Orientation, Resources & Help


Online Learning
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