Online Learning

NCCC offers a variety of flexible learning options including online, hybrid, and blended courses. We also offer online programs and certificates.

Instructional Methods

NCCC offers a variety of instructional methods to meet your degree requirements! In addition to traditional face to face courses, we also offer Online, Hybrid, and Blended courses.







What do these terms mean?

Online courses take place completely in a virtual environment, with no set or required meeting days or times.

Hybrid courses combine online learning and in-person instruction. Some on-campus instruction or activity is mandatory* for these courses.

Approximately 50 % Online PLUS 50% on Campus Face to Face. **percentages may vary based on the course

Blended use “Real-Time Technology

Blended courses take place in a virtual environment, with scheduled meeting days and times for live lectures and class activities and online coursework.

Approximately 50% Online and 50% using “real-time technology” through web conferencing tools for live lectures.  ** Percentages may vary based on the course.

Will students be meeting on campus?

No, all classes will be in a virtual environment. These courses are 100% online.

Yes, Hybrid courses have physical campus locations for the on-campus component; have start and end dates, and have specific meeting days and times.

No, will be held in a virtual environment for the entire duration of the course.

The class schedule for the live lecture portion through web conferencing software is listed in Banner Web or on your course schedule.

Are there scheduled class meeting times?

No, these classes do not have regularly scheduled dates and times for students to log in.

Yes, classes have specific meeting days and times where you can expect to come to campus for class. “Banner Web should list the days/times students should reserve to be on campus for each class, such as TR 11:00-12:15, even if the entire class will not be meeting every time. Instructors should inform students of the exact dates/times that particular students should attend an in-person class.” 

Yes, classes have specific meeting days and times where you can expect to log in to your computer to interact with your instructor and/or other students.

See your course schedule or Banner Web for the classroom location and days/time.

How will these courses appear in Banner Web?

Instructional Method = Online
Section Code includes a W
Example: ACC 116 0W1
Web/ Financial Accounting 

Instructional Method= Hybrid
Section Code includes a Y
Example: ACC 116 0Y1 Hybrid/ Financial Accounting 

Instructional Method = Blended
Section Code includes a Y
Example: ACC 116 0Y1 Blend/ Financial Accounting  

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