Online Learning

NCCC offers a variety of flexible learning options including online, hybrid, and blended courses. We also offer online programs and certificates.

Zoom Etiquette for Students


  • Set up a learning location that allows you to focus and engage while minimizing distractions.
    • An appropriate location may be at a desk or table in a private or quiet room such as an office or bedroom.
    • Be sure your chosen location to Zoom has minimal distractions
    • Inappropriate locations are lying in bed or on a sofa, lying around with friends or others
  • Use your real name, first and last as your Zoom ID
  • Be present even if you choose to not use your camera and attend in dark mode. Your participation is still required
  • If your camera is enabled or needs to be, look at what’s in the environment around you. Should your instructor/classmates be seeing what is in your surrounding area (Piles of dirty laundry, garbage is strewn about, etc.)?


  • Clothing should be what you would wear to school. Shirts and pants are always necessary.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene needs before entering the Zoom classroom (getting dressed, basic hygiene, eating, talking to others in your home)

Behavior – Similar to a regular classroom

  • Log into the Zoom session on time
  • Stay on mute if you’re not talking. Follow the same rules as the in-class code of conduct
  • Avoid engaging in distracting behaviors (video games, cell phone use, using other devices, technology, TV, etc.)
  • Stay on topic: avoid irrelevant links, comments, and pictures
  • Chat Specific Behaviors:
    • Chat conversations or comments should be on-topic and appropriate to the class.
    • Anything put into the chat should be professional and appropriate for ALL attendees, including the teacher.
    • If you ask a question in chat, expect to receive several answers from classmates as well as the instructor
    • Avoid emoticons or text language
    • Check spelling and grammar when appropriate
    • If you haven’t received a response to a chat question, politely ask the professor, during a pause, if they’ve seen your question in the chat yet
  • Actively participate in activities like polls, break-out rooms, etc.
  • Respect the opinions of others
  • Do not use profanity or inappropriate language
  • No drinking alcohol, smoking, or vaping during class
  • Remember to “sign out” or “leave the meeting” when the Zoom session is finished

Resources/Getting Help with Zoom


Online Learning
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