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About Us


College aerial photoNiagara County Community College provides flexible teaching and learning environments dedicated to educational excellence and committed to our core values of student centeredness, accessibility, comprehensiveness, collegiality, community partnership, and lifelong learning. Through the liberal arts and sciences as a key component of all academic programs, our College nurtures and empowers students to recognize and to value our common humanity as well as the richness of our diversity. NCCC offers quality academic programs while providing supportive student and academic services. To produce engaged citizens, NCCC provides cultural, social, recreational, athletic, and global experiences. NCCC is a major contributor to economic development through transfer, career and technical education, workforce development, and continuing education. To demonstrate integrity and accountability, NCCC operates through a collegial model of shared governance, which provides for a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of institutional effectiveness.


Niagara County Community College will be a leader in providing a dynamic, high-quality educational environment responsive to current and emerging needs of our students and community.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

The five Institutional Learning Outcomes below are the foundation of students’ overall education at Niagara County Community College, where the entire experience has been designed to foster students’ development of such knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes.

  1. INDEPENDENCE: NCCC graduates should be self-directed lifelong learners and informed consumers with enhanced life skills who can advocate for themselves and solve problems objectively.
  2. KNOWLEDGE: NCCC graduates should demonstrate discipline-specific as well as general education knowledge and should possess practical skills gained through applied learning.
  3. CURIOSITY: NCCC graduates should be inquisitive and willing to explore and to discover. They should ask meaningful questions, demonstrate awareness of surrounding environments, engage in current and evolving technology, and think both critically and analytically.
  4. COMMUNICATION: NCCC graduates should engage in social interaction and express/articulate ideas in speech, in writing, and/or through media or technology.
  5. VALUES: NCCC graduates should demonstrate global awareness, civic engagement, appreciation of differences and diversity, civility, ethics, and aesthetics.

2019-2022 Strategic Plan

For information on Niagara County Community College’s goals and objectives for the future, please view our online strategic plan.

2019-2022 Strategic Plan

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Office of the President
3111 Saunders Settlement Road
Sanborn, NY 14132
Phone: 716-614-5902