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Accounting, A.A.S.

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The contemporary accountant is a valued associate in business, industry and non-profit organizations. Because of their vast knowledge of business, accountants analyze data and make decisions which greatly impact the American and international marketplace. Perhaps no one else in an organization sees “the big picture” like the accountant. This is the reason that accountants frequently are promoted to senior-level management.

Recognizing the various facets of the profession, accounting students at SUNY Niagara receive a broad-based education, both theoretical and practical. Courses in the major not only cover the principles of accounting but also include computers, economics, business and management which provide a solid background and enhance the student’s career potential.

Program Goals and Objectives
  • To assist students to meet 4 or 5 of the SUNY general education knowledge and skills areas.
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in accounting.

Alumni Spotlight

Muriel T. Anderson, CPA ’83

“Most of my professors were practitioners in their field. Their credibility made the class material not only more understandable but made it come alive. They were able to help me see a connection between the accounting material presented in the textbook pages and real-world application. They also showed enthusiasm for the material and a genuine desire to see me succeed. After graduating from SUNY Niagara, I furthered my education, joined M&T Bank as Vice President and Deputy Auditor, and later became a Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting and Organization & Human Resources at the University at Buffalo. My teaching responsibilities include both undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of principles of accounting, principles of business, human resources management, career management, and leadership. In 2020, I was selected by the SUNY Niagara Alumni Association for the annual Distinguished Alumni Award.”

Muriel T. Anderson

Degree Program Learning Outcomes

The assessment of student learning outcomes is not only a key indicator of program effectiveness, it is also one of the standards of excellence identified by the Middle States Commission (Standard 5) and is required through the SUNY assessment initiative.

View Learning Outcomes.

Program Contact

Lori Townsend
Program Coordinator
Phone: 716-614-6461
Location: B-123
Division Office: 716-614-6410