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NCCC’s Retail Business Management degree program curriculum is designed for students who want a career-oriented program that allows them to assume entry-level management positions upon graduation.

The New York State Department of Labor and a variety of local retailers have indicated that there are a significant number of career opportunities in retailing. The number of entry-level managerial positions is growing as are the salary and benefits offered by these businesses.

The program was developed from the advice provided by local retailers. These retailers identified the knowledge, skills, and abilities a graduate should possess in order to qualify for positions with their firms.

Graduates have found employment in positions ranging from sales to assistant manager. Some students transfer to four-year colleges and work toward the completion of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

Program Goals and Objectives
  • Prepare students with the necessary qualifications for entry-level supervisory positions in retailing.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to explore a variety of careers in retailing.
  • Provide students with a well-rounded education by requiring courses in a variety of disciplines.

Degree Program Learning Outcomes

The assessment of student learning outcomes is not only a key indicator of program effectiveness, it is also one of the standards of excellence identified by the Middle States Commission (Standard 5) and is required through the SUNY assessment initiative.

View Learning Outcomes.

Program Contact

David Nemi
Program Coordinator
Phone: 716-614-6464
Location: B-117
Division Office: 716-614-6410