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Human Services, A.A.

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Major changes in society have resulted in an increasing need for human services professionals. Advancing technology, an aging population, significant changes in the character and structure of the family, increased exposure to trauma, economic factors, and other social trends contribute to this need. As human problems and the bureaucracies designated to deal with these problems become increasingly complex, the need for highly trained, skilled human services workers is vital.

Graduates of the Human Services degree program have transferred to four-year colleges and to universities. They have found employment in early childhood centers, agencies serving the elderly, social services, alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities, health care agencies, residential care facilities, community and government organizations, and a variety of other agencies.

Program Goals and Objectives
  • Acquire first-hand experience helpful toward career development.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of social science research as used in the human services field.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with an overview of the human services systems.
  • Discuss professional ethics as they relate to human services.
  • Explain the loss and grief process.
  • Integrate classroom learning with field experience.

Student Spotlight

LaCharise Smith ’21

“The thing I love most about the Human Services program is the teachers. They’re so supportive, caring and make you excited to be there and learn. Also, being in the program just makes me feel like a better person. I chose SUNY Niagara for the quality of the teachers, tuition cost, and distance from my home. The best advice I can give anybody is to go for it, put your all into it, and find your love for the program. My goal is to attend a 4-year SUNY school after finishing at SUNY Niagara, where I will work my way up to being a Child Advocate Lawyer.”

LaCharise Smith

Program Contact

Mark Bonacci, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Phone: 716-614-6755
Location: E-132
Division Office: 716-614-6710 (E-238)