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Liberal Arts and Sciences, A.A.

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The Liberal Arts and Sciences degree program curriculum has been designed to be flexible and also allows students who change career choices, decide to explore new career choices, or who have transferred credits from other schools to put together a program of liberal arts study for transfer to a four-year school. The Liberal Arts and Sciences degree program is also appropriate for students wishing to earn a high school equivalency diploma while enrolled in college; however, financial aid is not available to students in this situation.

The degree program has been designed to provide balance and breadth in the structured portion of the curriculum so that students are exposed to the major discipline areas within the traditional liberal arts. Latitude exists through liberal arts elective selection to explore various disciplines and complete an associate’s degree.

Program Goals and Objectives
  • Create capstone course and digital portfolio system.
  • Create suggested tracks for LAS majors intending to transfer.
  • Track retention and transfer to other programs from LAS.

Alumni Spotlight

Samara Henry ‘20

As a student, I’m given the opportunity to academically excel and network on several platforms. The variety of general education requirements allows me to be well versed in multiple disciplines. SUNY Niagara happens to be an institution that was far enough for me to thrive, but close enough for me to return to New York City. After completing my SUNY Niagara degree, I am transferring to a four-year institution, where I plan to enroll in the 4+1 degree program and continue pursuing my aspirations of becoming an English teacher.

Samara Henry

Degree Program Learning Outcomes

The assessment of student learning outcomes is not only a key indicator of program effectiveness, it is also one of the standards of excellence identified by the Middle States Commission (Standard 5) and is required through the SUNY assessment initiative.

View Learning Outcomes.

Program Contact

Paul Ratka
Program Coordinator
Phone: 716-614-6758
Location: E-126
Division Office: 716-614-6710