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This two-semester certificate program will serve those who would like to work in the fitness industry as personal trainers. The certificate program is designed for students who have never worked in a fitness-center setting, those who are currently employed non-certified personal trainers who desire to upgrade their educational background as well as other fitness-industry professionals seeking the personal trainer designation. The certificate program will prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to work as personal trainers and further certify through the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) after graduation.

Program Goals and Objectives
  • To assist students in completing three general education areas specifically chosen to develop knowledge of interpersonal communication, body systems and of writing skills for industry.
  • To prepare students to obtain NCSF certification.
  • To provide students with skills in personal fitness training.

Alumni Spotlight

Antonio Feagin ’16

“With support from professors in the course, internship opportunity, and hands-on learning, the Personal Training program expanded my knowledge in the field. The program prepares students to take the certification exam with confidence.

“I recommend this program to any student that is looking to get into the fitness industry. For current and future students, the best way to learn the material is to apply it to your own workouts. In essence, make this a lifestyle change, and learning will become fun.

“Since I graduated in 2016, I have trained at a private studio for 3 years. While doing so I have managed to train for corporate companies such as Reebok. I have also scored a contract with Our Lady of Peace nursing home to do training for the employees. Now I have expanded my business to mobile training and this has allowed me to help more people and change more lives.”

Antonio Feagin

Program Contact

John D Strong
Program Coordinator
Phone: 716-614-6272
Location: H-164
Division Office: 716-614-5940