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Change of Grades Policy

Changes to grades may be initiated by the instructor of the class and must be approved by the division chair.  Changes to grades may only be initiated by an instructor when the original grade resulted from an error or when the original grade was an Incomplete; such changes may only be made within one calendar year of the original date that the grade was due.

If you find a discrepancy in your grades, you must contact your instructor to resolve your concern. If he/she finds that you merit a change of grade, it is the responsibility of the instructor to file a change of grade form with the Registration & Records Office.

Please note that change of grade forms are NOT provided to students.

Incomplete Grades

Students wishing to receive an I grade (Incomplete) must complete an official form Request for Incomplete Grade online and obtain the instructor’s approval. The student is required to arrange for the completion of coursework with his or her instructor. The maximum time for the change of an I grade to a performance grade is determined by the instructor, but shall NOT, in any case, exceed ONE academic year. The Registration & Records Office will inform the instructor and student of the approach of the one-year deadline. Students will be sent a letter to the last-known address on file. If no change of grade is made by the instructor prior to the deadline, the I grade will automatically be converted to an F grade.


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