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NCCC Students seeking to Cross Register at Another Institution

  • Students may cross-register only for degree applicable coursework when an equivalent course is not available at NCCC, the enrollment capacity has been reached in all NCCC offerings, or the course is available but conflicts with another required course which would result in increased time to degree.  Requests based on non-academic conflicts will not be approved.
  • Coursework taken through cross-registration MUST be transferred back to NCCC and applicable toward a degree/certificate program.
  • Cross-registration is available for spring and fall terms only.
  • Students must be matriculated and in good academic standing.
  • Study abroad courses are excluded from cross-registration.
  • Students cross-registering at a SUNY school must be enrolled at NCCC for at least six (6) credits.  NCCC students cross-registering at a WNY Consortium school must be enrolled full-time at NCCC.
  • Students will not be approved for cross-registration if there is a hold on their record that prevents registration at NCCC.
  • Students cross-registering at another SUNY institution may cross-register for up to six (6) credit hours. Students participating in the WNY Consortium may cross-register for one course with a max of four (4) credit hours. Also, the total credit load (including NCCC and cross-registered courses) cannot exceed eighteen (18) credits.
  • Enrollment at another community college requires proof of permanent residency in New York State for 12 months. Individual counties may have additional residency requirements. Students should check with the community college’s Bursar’s (Cashier’s) Office for further details.
  • All course-related fees in excess of tuition remain a student responsibility (e.g., lab fees, distance learning fees, supplies, etc.). These fees are not covered in the cross-registration agreement.
  • Students who register for coursework other than what was approved may be charged by the other institution. Likewise, students cross-registering at NCCC will be charged by NCCC if they register for coursework other than that for which they were approved.
  • The Host Campus may have restrictions on cross-registering students enrolling in certain courses.
  • Students wishing to drop or withdraw from their coursework at Host Campus must follow that campus’s rules and deadlines.
  • Cross-registered coursework taken elsewhere is evaluated for acceptance as transfer credit.  NCCC’s limit on transfer credits applies.
  • Students must have proper approval of both NCCC and the Host Campus to finalize registration. Students are responsible for ensuring that the coursework meets the requirements for the degree. If students change their majors, the cross-registered courses may fail to count toward degree requirements.
  • Even if students have the permission of the instructors, or have satisfied all pre-requisites/co-requisites necessary for enrollment at the Host Campus, they must still complete the registration process through the appropriate offices at the Host Campus to be officially registered. Students are responsible for registration.
  • Registration dates and deadlines vary by Host Campus. Students are responsible for contacting the Host campus for registration-related dates and deadlines.

Which form should you use?

If you are seeking to cross register at another SUNY institution, you must complete the SUNY Cross-Registration process. Once submitted, an academic advisor, a financial aid advisor, the business office and the Registrar will review your request. If approved, the Host Campus will contact you about your course registration.

If you are seeking to cross register at a WNY Consortium institution, you must complete the WNY Consortium Form available in Registration & Records.  You must submit this to the Registration & Records Office (A-201) who will determine if the course is required and whether an equivalent course is available at NCCC.

Once approved by NCCC, you must then bring your form to the Host Campus on the specific day(s) designated for students registering through the WNY Consortium (See the Cross Registration Calendar or contact the Office of the Registrar at the host institution). When you report to the Host Campus, they will use the form to create a record for you. If there is space remaining in the course you desire, you will be able to register in the course.

At the end of the semester, the Host Campus will forward your transcript to NCCC. NCCC will then evaluate and add to your record any coursework accepted as transfer credit, which will NOT be included in the calculation of your GPA but will count in earned hours.


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