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Non-NCCC students seeking to Cross Register at NCCC

  • Cross-registration is only available for spring and fall terms.
  • Cross-registration is available upon the first day of non-matriculated registration as published in the Important Dates document. Courses may be closed to cross-registrants because of space limitations.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that prerequisites and enrollment requirements are met.
  • Students must prove permanent residency in New York State for 12 months and Niagara County for the 6 months prior to the start of the semester, and the student must provide a Certificate of Residency  (COR) certificate if the student’s residency is outside of Niagara County, but in New York State. All out-of-county residents must supply a certificate of residence to the NCCC Cashier’s Office in order to have the out-of-county charge waived.  If the student is unable or unwilling to provide a COR, NCCC may charge the student a higher tuition rate, up to a maximum of the rate charged to non-NYS students.

Procedures for Non-NCCC students

Students must complete the SUNY Cross registration form (see link below) or obtain and complete the WNY Consortium Form available at the Registrar’s office of your Home Campus.  Home Campus approval is required.  Students must also complete and submit NCCC’s non-matriculated student online application to the Registration & Records Office.

The Registration & Records Office will register approved students in classes with seats available on the first day of non-matriculated registration as published in the Important Dates document. You will be notified of your registration via a schedule sent by mail.  It is the student’s responsibility to drop the coursework should s/he no longer wish to complete the course at NCCC.

NCCC’s Registration & Records Office will communicate with your Home Campus during the semester, and if your status and eligibility for cross registration changes at your home school, you will be notified and billed for the coursework.

If you decide to drop or resign from the coursework at NCCC, our drop deadlines will apply. Click here for Important Dates.  The cross registration calendar information can be found on the WNY Consortium Calendar.

Once approved for cross registration, you will receive information from NCCC regarding Activating your Twolves email account and utilizing Banner Web for online services, including viewing of final grades.

Which form should you use?

If you are seeking to cross register from one SUNY institution to another SUNY institution, you must complete the SUNY Cross-Registration process. Once submitted, an academic advisor, a financial aid advisor, the business office and the Registrar will review your request. If approved, the appropriate Campus will contact you about your course registration.

If you are attending a private institution that is participating in the WNY Consortium institution, and seeking to cross register at NCCC then you must complete the WNY Consortium Form available at the Registration & Records Office of your HOME institution. You must submit this to your HOME institution who will determine if the course is required and whether an equivalent course is available at their institution.  Once approved, you must then bring your form to NCCC on the specific day(s) designated for students registering through the WNY Consortium (See the Cross Registration Calendar or contact the Office of the Registrar). When you submit this form to NCCC, we will use the form to create a student record for you. If there is space remaining in the course you desire, you will be able to register in the course.

At the end of the semester, we will forward your NCCC transcript to your HOME institution.  They will then evaluate and add to your record any coursework accepted as transfer credit.


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