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Banner Web Proxy Access Instructions

Banner Web Proxy allows a student to authorize access to confidential information in Banner Web to a specific person.  Students can authorize another person, like a parent or guardian, access to specifically chosen information (i.e. student schedule, pay bill, grades, etc.).  The authorized person is called a “Proxy”.

  • If you have any questions on setting up Banner Web Proxy Access, please contact the Enrollment Center (A-105) at 716-614-6250 or email at
  • If you need assistance with your T-Wolves username and password, please contact the Office of Information Technology (A-131) at 716-210-2505 or email at

STEP 1: To be completed by the STUDENT

Students must follow the steps outlined below to authorize access to their chosen proxy.  All steps need to be completed before a proxy can begin to set up their account.

  1. Log into Banner Web by clicking “Enter Secure Area (T-Wolves)” and entering your T-Wolves username and password.
  2. Click on the “Student Records” on the Main Menu
    Banner Web - Main Menu
  3. Click on “Share my Records (PROXY)”
    Share my Records (PROXY)
  4. Click on “Proxy Management”
    Proxy Management
  5. Click on “Add Proxy”

  6. Type in the first name, last name, and e-mail address of the chosen proxy. Then click “Add Proxy”.  Once complete, your screen will say “A new proxy has been successfully added”
    authorize access to my records
  7. Click on “Expand Jane Doe” to show more options. Please note: it will show your chosen proxy’s name, not Jane Doe.
    expand a proxy
  8. Complete the Proxy Profile areas (shown below):
    1. Relationship – Please choose a relationship from the drop-down menu
    2. Description – Include a description of the proxy, i.e. Mom.
    3. Passphrase – Please create a Passphrase for the proxy. This must be a four (4) digit number.  Once you have entered a passphrase, click on “E-mail Passphrase” to send an e-mail to the proxy to inform them of the passphrase.  Passphrase is NOT the PIN that a Proxy will use to access information.
    4. Determine the access start and stop dates for the proxy. Students can choose however long they would like to provide access to their information. If you would like the access to continue indefinitely, please enter the following stop date: 12/31/2099.  You can always change the stop date in the future to end access if needed.Proxy Management
  9. Click “E-mail Passphrase” to send the Passphrase information to your designated proxy.
  10. Click on “Authorization” at the top under Proxy List. This is where the student will give permission for what information the proxy can have access to.  Students can give access to all the information listed or choose options individually by checking the authorization
  11. Students can click on “History” to view a history of authorizations that they have approved for this specific proxy or “Communication” to view a log of the various e-mails that have been sent to the proxy and can be resent from here by the student if necessary.
    authorize access to my records

STEP 2: To be completed by the Proxy

The authorized proxy must follow the steps outlined below to access their student’s authorized information.

  1. Once the student has completed Step 1, the designated proxy will receive an e-mail titled “New Proxy Identity”. The proxy will need to click on the URL provided in the e-mail and enter the “Action Password” that was provided in the e-mail.  Then click Submit.
    Action Password
  2. The proxy will then enter their email address, old PIN (this is the Action Password from the email), create a new PIN (must be six characters) and save.
    reset PIN
  3. The proxy will then be taken to the Proxy Access Home Page, where they must complete all required areas in the Proxy Profile and save. Once you have saved it, it will read “Changes have been saved” at the top of the Proxy Access Screen
    Proxy Profile
  4. The proxy can now click on the student’s name in blue located at the top of the page to access the authorized student information. You will then need to scroll to the bottom of the page to access the options authorized to you.
    Proxy Authorizations
  5. When the proxy clicks on any of the options authorized to them, they will see a message at the top that says they are viewing the student’s information. Please note:  The proxy should save all emails they receive for future use.
    View holds

Proxy PIN Resets

  • If a proxy forgets their PIN, the proxy must contact the STUDENT, who can reset the PIN online through Banner Web. Once the student resets the PIN, the Proxy will receive an email with the updated information.
  • The Enrollment Center is NOT able to access or reset a PIN for a Proxy. This can only be done by the student.

How to Access the Proxy Login Screen

  • On the NCCC homepage under MYNCCC at the top of the page, choose “Banner Web”.
  • On the Sign In page, click on “Banner Home Page”.
    Proxy login screen
  • For future access, the proxy can access their student’s authorized information by clicking on “Proxy Access” on the Banner Web Welcome page. The proxy will be required to enter their email address and PIN.
    Welcome to Banner Web screen

Ending Proxy Access

The student has the option to end or delete a proxy’s access at any time by following these steps:

  1. Log into Banner Web and enter your T-Wolves username and password.
  2. Click on “Student Records” on the Main Menu
  3. Click on “Share my Records (PROXY)”
  4. Click on “Proxy Management”
    Proxy Management
  5. Click on “Expand Jane Doe” to show more options. Please note: it will show your chosen proxy’s name, not Jane Doe.
    Expand Jane Doe
  6. In the Proxy Profile, the student can change the Stop Date to today’s date to end a Proxy’s access to your records.
    Proxy Profile


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