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Transferring Back Credits to Graduate?

Reverse Transfer Diagram

Did you know it’s possible to transfer back credits taken at another institution to use toward completion of your degree and/or certificate at SUNY Niagara?  Run your SUNY Niagara DegreeWorks degree evaluation to see what’s still needed, and if you take those credits elsewhere, send your official transcript back to us for evaluation.  *A maximum of 50% of your degree/certificate program can be transfer credits.

SUNY Schools

Students currently at a SUNY 4-Year School can complete the SUNY Reverse Transfer Form.

Submit a SUNY Reverse Transfer Request

Non-SUNY Schools

Students currently at a Non-SUNY school can complete the Reverse Transfer Eligibility Form for Non-SUNY schools below.

  • Utilize Degree Works and our our online Course Equivalency Guide to check if the course you are planning to take at your current institution counts towards the requirements left to complete your degree/certificate at SUNY Niagara.

  • Submit the Reverse Transfer Eligibility Form for Non-SUNY Institutions

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  • If the transfer course will meet requirements, request an official transcript be sent from your current institution’s Registrar’s Office to the SUNY Niagara Admissions Office.

  • Inform the Transfer Credit Evaluators at 716-614-6252 or that you sent an official transcript back in order to earn your degree and/or certificate from SUNY Niagara.


Phone: 716-614-6250