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W Grade – Withdrawal From a Course

The grade of “W” will not affect grade point average but may negatively impact academic standing and/or ability to receive financial aid. After the 13th week of a Fall or Spring (16-week) semester or the 85% completion point of a modular class, summer class(es), or class(es) offered during the Winter Intersession, students will not be allowed to drop a course and will then receive whatever grade the instructor assigns to you.

Modular (“Mod”) courses are courses that are less than a full semester in length. These types of courses may be added at any time prior to the start of the course. If choosing to drop a mod class, the deadlines differ from those of the regular full term (see Student Calendar for deadlines). Please consult the Enrollment Center (A-105) for detailed information. During the first 20% of the course, students may drop a mod course and the course will be deleted. After completion of 20% of the course, and up until completion of 85% of a modular course, Summer class, or class offered during Winter Intersession, students may drop the course and receive a W (withdrawal) grade. Students may not withdraw from a modular course after the 85% point of the course.

Please note: If you wish to officially withdraw from the College and drop/withdraw from all classes, view the section below.

Withdrawals from the College

Students may drop all classes online through the Add or Drop Classes link in Banner Web up until the first day of classes for the chosen semester. Beginning on the first day of classes, all students wishing to withdraw from the College must submit the online Request for Withdrawal Form to the Enrollment Center (A-105) via Banner Web (above).  Withdrawals from the College are permitted through the 13th week of the semester for Fall and Spring semesters or before 85% completion of modular classes, Summer classes, or classes offered during the winter intersession. View a comprehensive list of withdrawal deadlines on the Student Calendar.

If you withdraw from Spring or Fall, you will be withdrawn from all future registered coursework.  If you withdraw from an optional term such as Winter or Summer, you can elect to be withdrawn from future registered coursework.  If you choose to return to SUNY Niagara, you must complete the readmission process.

  • Passing some of your courses may be a better alternative than total withdrawal. Before you file the withdrawal form, it is advisable to speak with a counselor in the Student Success Center (D-102) to explore your options and receive important information. SUNY Niagara cares about your success.
  • Questions? Please feel free to call 716-614-6290 to arrange for an exit counseling appointment.

If you are ready to withdraw from the College, please click the button below to complete the online form.

What you should know about your GRADES:

During the first three weeks of the semester, withdrawal results in deletion of all courses from your schedule.

After the first three weeks of the semester, if you withdraw from the college, you will receive an “X” grade for all of your current courses.  If you choose to return to SUNY Niagara, you must complete the readmission process.  If any modular courses have been completed, you will receive the grade earned and the course withdrawal policy/”W” grades will be applied to all other coursework.  “X” or “W” grades do not affect GPA but do affect academic progress. Therefore, if you withdraw and receive “X” or “W” grades, you may be academically dismissed or put on academic probation at the end of the semester. If so, you will be sent a letter explaining your options.

What you should know about your BILL/FINANCIAL AID:

Only withdrawal prior to the first day of the semester results in a full refund or bill cancellation. The College’s refund policy is as follows:

  • Withdrawal during 1st week of semester = 75% bill cancellation
  • Withdrawal during 2nd week of semester = 50% bill cancellation
  • Withdrawal during 3rd week of semester = 25% bill cancellation

Withdrawal from the College normally affects Financial Aid. Your award may be reduced or eliminated this semester. As a result, you may receive a bill for tuition, books, fees, etc.

Financial Aid may also be cut off next semester. If a student has reasonable circumstances which led to the withdrawal, an appeal may be filed to request reinstatement of Financial Aid for the next semester.

Please see the Financial Aid Office (A-114) or call 614-6266 for clarification.

All students are encouraged to contact Student Success Center (D-102) or call 716-614-6290 before they complete this process; especially the following students that may be additionally impacted:

  • International Student
  • On the waiting list for change of major
  • Reside in on-campus housing
  • Veteran

What to do when you’re ready to return:

Readmission: Contact the Admissions Office (A105) to file a readmit form or file on-line at

Financial Aid: Apply for Financial Aid every year, preferably in February or March. For students who withdraw in the fall and desire a spring loan, a new loan form must be submitted.


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