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Small Business Development Center

“An excellent resource to have on your side. I’m still utilizing their services while I elevate, expand, and grow my business.” – Katie Graves, Craft Coffee House

Dinene Zaleski

Dinene ZaleskiFinance Specialist

Dinene has been with the SBDC since 1987 as a Finance Specialist. She graduated from SUNY Brockport with a BS in Finance. During her time with the SBDC, Dinene has counseled over 1,100 clients. She has helped create more than 1,800 new jobs, and save more than 1000 jobs. Ms. Zaleski is a finance specialist with close working relationships with numerous local bankers and economic development agencies, including the Niagara County IDA, Lumber City Development Corporation, and Empire State Development. These relationships resulted in projects that have had more than $203 million in economic impact. She has had numerous clients return for additional SBDC assistance, as their businesses have expanded. Her office is located inside the Niagara USA Chamber of Commerce, which is in the same building as the Niagara County IDA, making for a one-stop-shop for business assistance.

In 2018, Dinene was recognized as the New York SBDC State Star. This important honor is given annually to one advisor in each state. To earn this prestigious award the winner must have topped all other advisors in the state in regards to the quality of advisement services and economic impact. Dinene was honored at the National ASBDC Conference in Washington DC in September of 2018 along with State Star recipients from across the United States and numerous U.S. Territories.

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