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How to Apply

Please be aware that any scholarship you receive will be counted as a financial aid resource and may cause a reduction in your state and federal aid awards.

  • Review the Scholarship Opportunities list before you start applying for the scholarships. This list includes all of the SUNY Niagara scholarships available through the online Award Spring Scholarship System as well as additional scholarships that require paper applications.
  • You must have started the (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid application online even if you will only be eligible for student loans so that your scholarship need can be accurately determined.
  • You will click either “Apply online” or the “Login Now” button on this page to begin your online AwardSpring application. The system will run you through a series of steps including demographics, major, GPA, qualifying questions to uploading an essay and most recent unofficial transcripts all of which will be used to determine your eligibility. The system will let you know what you are eligible for and from that point, you may be asked to upload a letter of recommendation(s) or provide a paragraph for that specific scholarship.

*Documents required to upload*

Apply Online
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Apply for SUNY Niagara scholarships through the AwardSpring Scholarship System.

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  1. A 2-page (or less) double-spaced typed written essay will be used for all eligible scholarships and will include information about yourself, your career goals as well as extracurricular or community service activities and why you would need the scholarship funds. Essay Writing Tips are available here and on the scholarship webpage under RESOURCES
  2. Unofficial high school or most recent college transcript with the most recent cumulative GPA.

SUNY Niagara unofficial transcripts can be found in Banner Web.  After you log in:

  1.  Click on “Student & Financial Aid”
  2.  Click on “Student Records”
  3.  Click on “Academic Transcript”
  4.  Choose “Undergraduate” and “Academic Transcript – Web Display”  Click “Submit”

You can then save and upload your document

Foreign transcripts must be translated into English by the student to be eligible. Refer to these websites for translation:

SUNY Niagara Foundation, Inc., reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to decrease the actual dollar amount granted from its scholarship awards based upon the economic performance of its investment portfolio from which scholarships are granted.  


Foundation/Scholarship Office
Fax: 716-614-5913
Location: Foundation Office (A-201)
Hours: Mon-Fri; 8:00am – 4:00pm