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Public Safety


On behalf of the College and the Public Safety Department, welcome to SUNY Niagara.

At the College, our foremost concern is the safety and well-being of the students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Public Safety Department (“PSD”) is dedicated to providing service in keeping with our focus on Community Safety. We are here 24 hours a day, every day working to maintain and improve the safety, security, and quality of life within our community. The Sanborn campus is also patrolled by a Niagara County Sheriff’s deputy.

SUNY Niagara (“SUNY Niagara”) has more than 5000 undergraduate students, with approximately 700 faculty and staff. There are 2 campuses, the Sanborn campus and the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute (“NFCI”).

PSD works closely with students, faculty and staff across the campus to achieve the highest levels of personal safety possible. PSD is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year, with 16 Public Safety officers, directed by the Chief and the Assistant Chief of Public Safety commissioned peace officers.

The College provides an extensive array of Public Safety programs and procedures. Our continuing effort to improve safety has led us to implement several initiatives – regular foot and mobile patrols, beginning randomly in the morning and continuing throughout the night. We also meet regularly with local police, government officials, community leaders, and Student Housing, seeking ways to make on-campus and off-campus living safer for our students.

While we have developed procedures and policies to ensure that students and their possessions are protected as much as pos­sible, it is primarily the responsibility of the student, faculty, or staff member to provide for his or her own safety and security by taking simple, common sense precautions, and by reporting information to PSD or other campus security authorities, including the Office of the Vice President for Student Services, Student Housing Village Corporation, and the Title IX Compliance Officer.

All campus crime and incident reports are posted promptly on the College’s website. In cases where a reported crime appears to threaten the safety of the campus community, the College takes additional steps, email notifications, telephone alerts, and televi­sion notices, to notify the campus community of what has occurred and the steps that are being taken.

PSD provides 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year mobile and foot patrol protection to campus properties internal and external.

The College and PSD strive to promote and maintain a campus environment conducive to academic achievement. A truly safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of the entire campus community. With your help and participation and our commitment, we are confident that the time you spend with us will be safe and productive.

Building Access

The complex outer doors are opened each morning Monday – Saturday before the start of AM classes and activities. Complex outer doors are secured after classes and PM activities, and a complex wide announcement is made that the College is closed for the day.

The College is usually closed on Sundays except for certain activities like sporting events and productions in the Fine Art Auditorium. SUNY Niagara employees are issued keys to access the offices and class rooms where they work.

Public Safety make building rounds and secure class rooms and areas not in use to discourage illegal activity.

Exterior rounds are also made where officers report any precarious conditions like landscaping hazards, unsafe pavement and lighting problems. Exterior light surveys are done monthly to help prevent inadequate lighting conditions.

Call Phones

SUNY Niagara currently has seven of these phones which are direct lines to Public Safety. All (except one outside door to Wellness Center C-122) have a blue light overhead, are in gray boxes and activate by lifting the phone receiver. They can be found in the following locations:

  • C-Annex West entrance
  • C-bldg North entrance
  • D-bldg. South entrance
  • F-bldg South entrance
  • G-bldg North entrance (outside Security Office)
  • H-bldg South/East entrance
  • Wellness Center C-bldg. outside Wellness Center entrance, (push button talk into speaker, no receiver to lift)


It should be understood that parking is a privilege and the acceptance of this parking privilege represents an agreement by you the motorist, that SUNY Niagara is no way liable for personal injury, damage, or loss of part or all, or contents of, the vehicle.

The College welcomes visitors to the campus. Visitor parking areas are easily identifiable. A vehicle parked in violation of the rules and regulations may be towed at the owner’s expense.

View Parking Regulations for further information.


  • We can be reached by calling: 614-6400 from an off campus line.
  • Calling extension, 555 or 6400 from on-campus Sanborn phones or ext 2555 from NFCI phones.
  • Blue phones on the Sanborn Campus by lifting receiver
  • Blue phones outside the Student Housing Village by pressing button
  • By reporting directly to our offices; Sanborn Campus – G-106, NFCI Office – Reception