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Public Safety

Parking Lot Car Theft

Every year several thefts occur from vehicles parked in campus lots. In an effort to stop this problem, the SUNY Niagara Public Safety Department has increased its surveillance of parking lots; but we cannot cover all areas at the same time. It’s up to YOU to aid in this problem and help us to make sure your vehicle is not a target for crime. The following preventative actions will help curb theft from our parking lots:

  • Always lock your vehicle and remove the keys. This will reduce your chance of having your car stolen, and reduce the temptation of a basically honest person from entering your car. Most car thieves don’t need to break-in. They usually enter through unlocked doors; and many cases, find keys in the ignition. The most frequently stolen vehicle is the one left unlocked. Remember: Vehicle thefts can happen anywhere!
  • Don’t leave visible signs that tell someone what is in your vehicle. Remember to put wires and brackets out of sight for GPS and satellite radio systems. Thieves are even clever enough to look for round spots (from suction-cup holders) on windows that show evidence of something of value is in your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave valuables inside your vehicle where they are highly visible. Learn to keep valuables locked in your trunk. Make this an everyday practice. We have never had a reported theft where items were removed from a secure vehicle trunk.
  • Report suspicious persons to the SUNY Niagara Public Safety Department as soon as possible. Take good notes of the incident. Be sure to get a good description of the person or persons, their location, type of vehicle, and license plate number if possible. If you see suspicious activity near your vehicle, do not proceed to that area, call the SUNY Niagara Public Safety Department to report it. Always err on caution and do not try to handle a problem yourself – get help, that’s what we are here for!


  • We can be reached by calling: 614-6400 from an off campus line.
  • Calling extension, 555 or 6400 from on-campus Sanborn phones or ext 2555 from NFCI phones.
  • Blue phones on the Sanborn Campus by lifting receiver
  • Blue phones outside the Student Housing Village by pressing button
  • By reporting directly to our offices; Sanborn Campus – G-106, NFCI Office – Reception