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Sustainability and Improvement

Goal: The College will develop resource management strategies, human resources policies, and coherent marketing strategies to support and sustain its mission.

  • The College will develop a three to five-year budget forecast to model various enrollment scenarios and to project sustainable staffing levels in each scenario.
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of pursuing branch campus status for Niagara Falls Culinary Institute.
  • Ensure an on-going strategic planning process at the unit, divisional, and institutional levels with annual published assessments of the progress toward the operational objectives with measurable outcomes.
  • Develop the master facility plan with annual revisions and published progress reports.
    1. Continue to provide safe (both physical and psychological safety) and diverse learning/teaching environments for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Commit to efficient and effective use of resources.
    1. Utilize procedures to evaluate the return on investment to measure the sustainability of programs and initiatives.
    2. Establish total cost of ownership by developing metrics for measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of each institutional software package and assess the ongoing need, carrying costs, and success for each on a rotating cycle.
    3. Determine metrics for efficient use of resources, including human resources.
    4. Conduct a self-assessment of available capacity as compared to enrollment.
    5. Develop a plan to ensure resources are allocated to support enrollment needs.
    6. Conduct facilities planning in conjunction with academic and workforce programs (AMP)
    7. Set metrics for sustainability for all programs.
  • Use assessments/evaluations to make data-informed decisions supporting Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) efforts.
  • Improve onboarding strategies that orient and welcome new employees. (HRWP)
    1. Develop a comprehensive, streamlined onboarding process and orientation for both full-time and part-time employees to improve overall employee satisfaction and performance.
    1. Develop a checklist for the onboarding and orientation process to ensure consistency and to streamline the process.
    2. Improve the culture and climate to be inclusive for all new employees. (Embedded Diversity and Inclusion Objective)
  1. Recruit and retain employees with credentials, experience, and commitment.
    1. Seek to be the “employer of choice.”
    2. Support those who are committed to the College’s viability, financial health, and long-term success.
    3. Acquire the most talented candidates representing diversity consistent with the College’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) statement. (HRWP) (Embedded Diversity and Inclusion Objective)
    4. Provide training to current employees so that the college maintains knowledgeable employees who are prepared for the changing demands in the workforce. (HRWP)
    5. Provide succession planning so that crucial functions will be ongoing and retain talented employees. (HRWP)
    6. Evaluate the necessity for continuing grant-funded positions and create a plan to transition grant-funded positions into college-funded positions if needed to provide critical services for student success and retention.
  2. Enhance public safety throughout our organization to address the current environment.
  3. Develop a focused, concerted, and consistent marketing and public relations plan to highlight current programs and to strengthen the ability to promote future programs.
    1. Inform the public that NCCC is committed to Diversity and Inclusion (including inclusive language and illustrations in publications, websites, and marketing). (D&I) (Embedded Diversity and Inclusion Objective)
    2. Include in the overall marketing and public relations plan a strategy specifically to increase the visibility of NCCC Athletics.
    3. Rebrand NCFI to emphasize its integral nature to NCCC.
    4. Counter the recent narrative of NCCC in the media with concerted efforts to present positive achievements and developments.

Abbreviation Key:

ACWPAcademic Work Plan
AMPAcademic Master Plan
D&IDiversity and Inclusion Plane
FMPFacilities Master Plan
HRWPHuman Resources Work Plan
SJ-AdmStudent Journey Admissions
SJ-ExtraStudent Journey Extracurricular
SJ-InstructStudent Journey Instruction
SJ-PayStudent Journey Payment
SJ-PostStudent Journey Post-Graduation
SJ-RecruitStudent Journey Recruitment
SJ-RegStudent Journey Registration