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Student Life

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Clubs and Organizations

If you are interested in any club, watch for flyers announcing meeting dates and times, contact the advisor, or stop by the Student Life Office, G-117D, for more information.

Art Guild

This club provides interested students with greater opportunities for exposure and experience in the field of Visual Arts.
Advisors: Barbara Buckman F-132,  (716) 614-5963, and James Goodrich  F-153, (716)614-5960,, Ruby Merritt F-153, (716)614-5960, rmerritt@niagaracc.suny.edul

Black Student Union

A club where the African American Student can obtain assistance, guidance, and direction concerning their transition to college life.  Open to any student.
Advisors: Will Brinson G-242A, (716)614-6258,

Campus Activities Board

This student group is responsible for creating and coordinating campus special events, such as entertainment, social events, major speakers, etc.  Students gain “hands-on” experience in all aspects of event development.  Also responsible for creating and coordinating events for SHVC (Student Housing Village Corporation).  Students gain “hands-on” experience in all aspects of events.
Advisor: Jordan Lindsay G-243A, (716)614-6263,

Cru at SUNY Niagara

The purpose of this chapter is to build movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ.  The student-led movements seek to introduce students to Christ, help them to grow in faith, encourage them to passionately live life in a manner consistent with belief in the God of the Bible, and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world.
Advisor: Kaitlyn Kotar D102C, (716)614-6261,

Digital Filmmakers Club

The SUNY Niagara Digital Filmmakers Club promotes collaboration among students who are interested in shooting, editing, writing, producing and performing for video productions.  The club sponsors an annual video festival, guest speakers, on-campus screenings and field trips.  Students are also able to gain hands-on experience as crew members for SUNY Niagara in-house productions.
Advisor: Bob Borgatti F-141, (716)614-6793,

Gaming & Anime Club

A unique mixture of gaming and anime culture.  Come join us and dive into the world of gaming play and anime!  Make new friends through fun competitions.  Then unwind with a viewing of an anime.  Open to all students.
Advisor:  Jason Eberl G121C, (716)614-6844,

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Club

Open to all students interested in physical activity and health.  A variety of activities such as bowling, team handball, hiking and community outreach will be offered.
Advisor: John D Strong H-164, (716)614-6272,

Men of Merit

The mission of the mentoring program is to foster relationships between Men of Merit Program students and professionals in order to contribute to students’ professional, academic, and social development. This program offers a diverse learning experience and a multitude of networking opportunities, which aid in students’ ability to reach their academic and career goals. Advisors: Will Brinson, G242A, (716) 614-6258

Native American Club

The SUNY Niagara Native American Club goals are to provide cultural learning and awareness opportunities for Native American and Non-Native American students. To assist and support the college in maintaining networking opportunities within native communities, recruiting and retaining Native American Students at SUNY Niagara, promote equality and fairness through cultural sharing, increase campus diversity through community involvement, provide a drug and alcohol free atmosphere and ethics, create awareness about Native American issues, work together on educational goals, and to share the importance of cultural preservation for all tribes and groups represented in the club and community.

Club Advisor:  Will Brinson G-242A, (716)614-6258,

NFCI Student Club

If you are interested in Culinary Arts, you are encouraged to participate.
Advisors: Myriah Meyer NFCI, (716)614-2529;; John Pope NFCI, (716)614-2551,; Daniel DiPirro NFCI, (716)614-2553;

NSLS SUNY Niagara Chapter

To build leaders who make a better world.
Advisor:  Sandra Lytle D-201B (716)614-6215

Outdoor Activities Club

The goal of the Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) is to make the SUNY Niagara community more aware of and appreciative of the natural world. To achieve this goal the OAC plans outdoor activities and participates in volunteer activities that serve an environmental purpose. Advisor: Katherine Croom, E213, (716) 614-6764

Phi Theta Kappa

The only International Honor Society for two-year Colleges encompassing all curriculum.  Students are selected for membership based on GPA and cumulative hours.
Advisors: Paul Ratka E-126; (716)614-6758,; Madison Ackerman D-201B, (716)614-6453,

Practical Business Club

This club is open to all and promotes student entrepreneurship.
Advisor: Jean Linn (716)614-6787,  D-411,

Pride Alliance

Provides informal peer group support to discuss concerns of sexual minorities.
Advisors: Jesse Goldberg D-102N, (716)614-6741,; Laurie Johnston-Stickney E-130, (716)614-6750,

Science Club

Science club at SUNY Niagara is created to provide a platform for local science enthusiasts to come together and learn from engagement in several activities. We aim to build electronic prototypes, convey the latest technological feats and reach out to high school students and parents. We plan to do so by doing events on planetarium and telescopes on the monthly basis. We also provide the platform for students to perform research in particle physics and strive to create more collaboration between faculties and students in near future.
Club Advisor: Suman Baral C-276 (716)614-6853

Scholars of Tomorrow

A club that brings together Liberty high school students, their parents and SUNY Niagara students in an effort to continue fulfilling the Liberty Partnerships Program categories.
Advisor: Andrea Modeste G-239, (716)614-6892,

The Spirit

The College newspaper gives students an opportunity to experience the world of journalism – Interviewing, writing articles, business, graphic design, layout and web publishing in addition to print are some of the vital experiences that can be attained through working on the Spirit.
Advisor:  Marc Pietrzykowski E-226, (716)614-6807,

Student Nurses Association

This curriculum-based club offers a support system for all nursing students. They sponsor community services and fundraisers.
Advisors:  Brianne Lawton C-174, (716)614-5947,; Kareen Klettke, C-170, (716) 614-5956

Student Government Association

This organization promotes the general welfare of the student body and contributes to the campus community while allowing students to participate in an opportunity for involvement in a collegiate government process. Advisor: Jillian Faddoul, G-243B, (176)614-6218,

Theatre Arts

Auditions are at the beginning of every semester and are open to ALL students. Allows students to gain acting experience and become involved with other aspects of the theater.
Advisor: Raymond Boucher, F134, (716)614-5958,

Tutoring Association

This club serves as support for SUNY Niagara tutors.
Advisor: Madison Ackerman D-201B, (716)614-6453,

Veterans Association

The veterans club is open to all students and host events such as the Veterans Day Ceremony, overseas care packages, and fundraising to upgrade our Veterans Memorial Park (located near the main entrance of the campus).
Advisor: Joseph Potalivo B-103, (716)614-6283,

Wellness Club

The SUNY Niagara Wellness Club is a creative, safe-space community for disabled students and advocates. A place to voice concerns of accessibility services regarding equal access to program administration. The Wellness Club will spread awareness and acceptance to SUNY Niagara through events, promotions, and coordination with other entities on campus. Laurie Johnston-Stickney, E130, (716) 614-6750

Zoo Crew

This is curriculum based club which does fundraising for animal organizations. field trips to various zoos and other animal facilities are offered. Open to all students.
Advisor: Aaron Cobaugh C-251, (716)614-6424,


Student Life
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